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Refuelling in Orbit

2019.11.29 17:45 S-Vineyard Refuelling in Orbit

As promised, here's another translation of a Bernd Leitenberger Blog Post.
This time it's about "Starship" and Refuelling in Orbit
Original Blog Post:
Refuelling in Orbit Originally posted by Bernd Leitenberger on his blog on Nov. 20th 2019
I had the blog in my head for quite some time, but SpaceX makes it unexpectedly up to date. But more about that later.It's about refuelling in orbit.
Refueling is easy on Earth. All you need is the fluid to be at a higher gravity level and it will run downhill on its own when you open the valve to the tank. If this is not the case, e.g. at an underground reservoir like at a filling station, you can press it into the pipe with pressure or suck it in with a pump (sucking is also a pressure difference. But where the pressure is sucked in the pressure is smaller due to the sucking in than where the liquid is under "normal pressure".
Under weightlessness it looks different. Liquids then take on the shape with the smallest surface and that is a ball.Even with a full tank this ball will not touch the wall everywhere. There always remains some empty space, because the tanks is under low pressure for fuel delivery and to increase stability. But this is even more the case when part of the fuel has already been used up.For example, a satellite in the GEO needs two thirds of its initial fuel supply for its first propulsion manoeuvres. The rest is for numerous orbit and attitude corrections over the lifetime and then the tank is already 2/3 empty. If you now open the valve to the engine, it can happen that no liquid flows into the line, but gas. The fuel flow leaves, the engine does not start or only one component (oxidizer or combustion carrier) enters and damage to the engine up to the explosion can occur. You don't want that.
For this reason, a technology has long been in use for pressure-pumped stages that can in principle also be used for pumping fuels. In the case of pressure-pumped stages, the tanks are under relatively high pressure, typically 10 to 15 bar; in the case of normal stages, 0.5 to 2 bar tank pressure is sufficient. The tanks are only partially filled at the start (typically two thirds). The rest of the volume is compressed gas, usually helium, which is the lightest gas. The liquid chamber and the gas chamber are separated by a rubber membrane attached to the wall. The rubber is stretchable and expands until the gas bubble fills the whole interior, which the liquid leaves behind, because it is not compressible. For example, if an engine ignites, the rubber membrane expands further due to the pressure difference. Except for small residues, the fuel can also be used almost completely.
When refuelling, there is simply no engine at the outlet, but a line leading to an adapter. A second line to a tank is connected to the adapter. Before refuelling you have to reduce the pressure in this target tank so that the rubber bubble relaxes and there is a negative pressure. Then the liquid flows automatically through the overpressure in the source tank into the second tank until the valve is closed or the bladder fills the entire interior of the output tank. As long as the target tank is large enough, you don't have to release the pressure completely. It is sufficient that the pressure difference is still there even if the gas volume in the source tank increases and thus the pressure drops. You can still help by maintaining the pressure in the source tank by introducing gas. With the ATV, wherever gas is transported, this is possible without additional equipment.
The Soviets introduced and refined this technology when refuelling Saljut 6. The European ATV also uses it. The difficulty is not so much in principle, but rather that two lines have to be connected when coupling and that tightly, without anyone intervening or damaging anything during coupling. I also suspect that NASA was thinking of something like this when they called for orbit refuelling in the first lunar lander tender for the Artemis programme.The Orion's service module uses pressurized engines (AJ10). It would be an easy way to increase the payload, since Orion is designed to reach a lunar orbit with the SLS Block I. This is because the orbit of the Orion is not only a lunar orbit, but also a lunar orbit. But since the SLS Block IB then has about 10 t more payload, which could then be used as fuel for a lunar lander that can be so heavier, this would be an elegant solution.Even a moon lander will probably be pressurized. On the one hand these engines are completely sufficient for the required thrust, on the other hand they are relatively easy to vary in thrust, which is necessary for the levitation phase during landing, and on the other hand they are more reliable than engines with turbopumps, which is very important for manned missions - all manned US missions have therefore only used pressure-propelled engines for the orbital companions.
The situation is different with "normal" stages, i.e. those that have a turbopump drive. They are also under pressure but only a small one of typically less than 3 bar. There is no rubber bladder and the tanks are longer - in the case of pressure-propelled engines, ball tanks or cylinder tanks with ball domes and short cylinder heights are usually used - so the rubber bladder does not have to expand too much, because the elasticity of rubber is also limited, especially since the typical oxidizer nitrogen tetroxide is chemically very aggressive. (It is an oxidizing agent and with traces of water, which there is always also an aggressive acid) Whether one can use a rubber membrane with the oxidizer oxygen usual with larger stages, I dare to doubt.
On the one hand, rubber becomes brittle by itself due to the air and the oxygen it contains. On the other hand, liquid oxygen has a temperature of -183°C and at this temperature even rubber becomes as hard as concrete. In a long cylindrical step the fuel will accumulate in the middle and not at the end where the pipes to the tank are. The fuel flow is more severely interrupted in a pumped drive. The gas generator, which generates a working gas by burning part of the fuel, drives a gas turbine and this gas turbine then drives a pump. There are many moving parts, such as propellers, and if there is no flow, it can easily cause damage.
But for decades there have been re-ignitable upper stages that have to struggle with this problem and there are solutions to ignite them in weightlessness. The first is to attach swamps to the tanks where the tank lines are located. These are depressions with a specially treated surface. It binds part of the fuel adhesively, similar to a sponge that binds liquid. The phenomenon is also known from everyday life, when rough surfaces bind more water than smooth surfaces. Open the valves to the engine. The pressure first drives this liquid into the pipes; it is sufficient to start the engine at low thrust. The resulting thrust force accelerates the stage slightly and the acceleration (nothing else is a pressure) then leads to the fuel being driven to the end of the stage. This is the solution used by the Agena or the Astris Stage of the Europa).
The second solution for a re-ignition of such stages is to generate the required thrust by rocket engines. If such small engines also have stages for other purposes, the situation must be stabilised during the free flight phase so that the stage for re-ignition is correctly aligned. These engines can operate with their own fuel supply according to the "blow-down" principle described above or with fuel from the main tank, but because of the low thrust, evaporating fuel in gas form is often sufficient. They ignite before ignition of the stage.In addition, the fuel itself can also be used for this purpose. Either by increasing the tank pressure of non-storable fuels and releasing the excess pressure through nozzles before ignition. The nozzles then only have to point in the same direction as the engine. (In contrast to engines, the fuel is not burned) Alternatively, fuel / gas can also be expanded through the main engine. For engines that burn hydrogen, this is necessary before take-off anyway. Then the fuel flows through the engine, evaporates due to the higher temperature and cools the engine. This "chill-down" is used in many engines, such as the J-2 and Vinci. The S-IVB stage had (also for redundancy reasons) all three systems on board: own pre-acceleration engines, nozzles on the tank, which could release hydrogen against the orbit direction and the J-2 was chilled before take-off.
In principle, these procedures could also be used for refuelling. However, the thrust is not desired, but it would have to be maintained throughout the entire refuelling period. It expresses itself, even if it is only small, about the duration of the process in a change of course and this is usually not intended. If one does not think of refuelling by special freight transporters such as the ATV or the Progress) which are firmly connected to the destination (space station Saljut, Mir or ISS), but a refuelling of an otherwise independent vehicle (e.g. with an airplane via a flexible line), it is obvious that this is not a solution - the thrust would only act on the vehicle which has the fuel at the beginning and thereby tears off the line or pulls it out of the anchorage.How SpaceX wants to refuel its starship in orbit will be exciting. At the moment, there is definitely no technology used on other spaceships that would make this possible. One solution that I see is that the fuel is not taken from the tanks of the Starship, which without payload still has about 100 t residual fuel in the tanks, but in the payload space from a pressure tank carried along according to the above principle of blow-down, which is attached with an adapter to the tank of a second Starship. Then the procedure is the same as it is today when refuelling Sarja with an ATV or a Progress.
At least that would be my solution if I had to face this problem.
The Starship as a moon landing hazard
My old basics of Space Flight article on my Web Site, which I also had to revisit because of SpaceX's refill plans for their "Starship", is surprisingly Up to Date.According to SpaceFlightNow, SpaceX is competing for Commercial Lunar Payload Services, or CLPS, program orders. To do this, they want to land "Starship" on the surface of the moon.
That confused me. On one hand this program is intended for the transport of small experiments (the minimum requirement is 10 kg payload on the lunar surface). It is a program where companies can start with relatively little money, because their companions don't weigh much and can fly like Beresheet as secondary payload at a GTO launch, which reduces the launch costs.Beresheet weighed 585 kg at take-off and 150 kg without fuel (minimum landing mass). On the other hand, the Starship weighs 120 t without fuel and since SpaceX has as its goal that a launch costs as much as a Falcon launch today (i.e. a maximum of 90 million dollars), this is not inexpensive. The first three companies that have received similar contracts so far received between 76 and 97 million dollars from NASA. Adequate for 10 kg payload but certainly not enough for even one launch of the Starship.
There is now a second round with bigger lander in which Blue Origin and Boeing are also involved. Blue Origion wants to bring 3.6 t with their "Blue Moon" lander to the moon at a launch with the New Glenn which creates 53 t in the LEO. However, the companion for a manned landing and Shotwell made clear in the article that the first Starship landings should be unmanned. In short: it doesn't fit to the "light" or the "heavy" moon landers NASA wants to promote.
First of all, I wondered whether Musk has completely lost his mind or the marijuana, which he smokes, might not be as harmless as I thought.The first obvious objection is seen by anyone looking at this picture.
A vehicle that is so narrow can easily tip over and the lunar surface is, you only have to look at the photos of the landing sites, it's not as flat as in the graphics. When landing on flat platforms of the droneships, SpaceX already has steps tipped over, with a crater-covered surface this is even more probable. The picture deceives in another point. There you can see a human and a crane. But the Starship will take off unmanned and there are also unmanned flights planned as part of the CLPS program. You can carry a crane with you, but you don't need it for orbital use, (without gravity a rope for abseiling doesn't make sense) it would only have to be developed for this purpose, which costs additional money.
The most obvious disadvantage is the Δv budget. I have simulated it once, with the known key data of the Starship: 120 t mass, three Raptor vacuum engines (the other three have a low specific impulse and smaller nozzles and are intended for landing on earth) with a specific impulse of 3727 m/s. The other three have a low specific impulse and smaller nozzles. I assumed a direct landing. Without a floating phase, I calculate a Δv of 2600 m/s for a landing with an initial minimum speed of 2400 m/s approximately.This corresponds to the Δv that the surveyors also had (2700 m/s). If you assume 200 m/s for the floating phase, you are at 2800 m/s for the landing. Since the return takeoff is basically the same, only there the hovering phase is omitted, you also need 2600 m/s for the return to earth. (Apollo had clearly higher Δv budgets, but also a different landing procedure. If you add the Δv for reaching the moon orbit and the landing you get 3100 to 3200 m/s). So landing on the moon and return takeoff (otherwise the starship is a total loss) requires at least 5400 m/s. In addition there is the transition to a translunar orbit, which is 3150 m/s above the orbit speed of a 100 nmi (185 km) standard orbit. Together, these are a Δv of 8550 m/s without other maneuvers for course corrections.
Now you don't need a simulation anymore. You can use the Ziolkowski formula. For all to recalculate:
v = va * ln Full/empty
v = target speed (here: 8550 m/s) va = exhaust velocity of the drive (here: 3727 m/s) Full: Full mass (This is what we are searching for) Empty: Empty mass (here: 120 t)
So we have to change the equation to "Full". This can be done in three steps:
Divide by va:
v/va = ln (full/empty)
e(v/va) = full/empty
Multiply by Empty:
Empty * e(v/va) = Full
If you don't believe me or have lost your mathematical knowledge during the years you can also check it out with Wolfram Alpha. But let use the values now:
Full = e(8550/3727)*120Full = 1189.8
So you need 1189.8 or rounded up 1200 t in earth orbit to bring 120 t to the moon and back. Not surprising, because with Blue Origin there are only 3.6 of 53 t that land on the moon and they don't even come back. With 100 t payload per flight and 120 t mass of the Starship then SpaceX needs 11 refueling flights to bring a Starship to the moon. If they leave it there, the take-off mass sinks to 592 t and five tank flights.
If (emphasis on if), they can actually get the launch of the three times heavier than a Falcon 9 vehicle for the same price, but that's still 12 x 90 = 1080 million dollars per flight.
I just wanted to mention ...
....that this is just one of the problems.
I have already explained the refuelling question. Besides that, the vehicle should be about 4 days on the way to the moon, then stands there a longer time around and then should then start again.Both fuels are only liquid at low temperatures. During the interplanetary phase, you can shield the heat by the solar radiation with a shield. But on the moon the radiation comes from the whole surface, so not from a point source. A shield would be at the side and not at the rear as during the previous phase. That's not little, because the surfacecan heat up to 120°C.
Before that there are already other problems. A total of six or twelve flights per mission require a high flight frequency if the fuel is not to evaporate in the Earth's orbit beforehand, because the Earth also emits plenty of infrared radiation, albeit less than the Moon. To date, according to their documents (which they had to submit in order to estimate the environmental impact and impairment of air traffic), SpaceX has planned a maximum of 24 take-offs per year from the Kennedy Space Center.
This means that in extreme cases the fuel must be kept liquid for 5 months.
The alternative of refueling the Starship, then raising the orbit and repeating this is also not feasible. Since a Starship without fuel does not even reach an eccentric elliptical orbit, it cannot be done in this way, which is only possible with comparatively light stages. Moreover, this doesn't change the fuel you need for the moon landing and the return and you have to cool this amount actively in any case.
And then there's the question of whether the Starship can land safely without toppling over.But is actually nothing new. More than three years ago, I took a close look at Musks statement "Dragon 2 is designed to be able to land anywhere in the solar system". Meanwhile we know that it can't even land on the earth's surface and SpaceX has gone back to sea landing.And now the same with the Starship
"The Starship will be similarly capable of vertical landings on Earth, or on other planetary surfaces.".
Same text, only different spaceship. SpaceX, Shotwell and Musk think the public is pretty stupid or forgetful. On the other hand, they are three years behind the plans for a simple capsule like the "Crewed Dragon" although it is derived from the Dragon that flew for the first time in 2011.And all announcements for this Dragon like Red Dragon to Mars have been cancelled.
Oh yeah, and SpaceX has lately made astronomers "happy" with their new Skylink satellites:
And finished.
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2019.08.15 17:26 jsaskatchewan NHL18 Franchise - Finnish league edition
I'm still with NHL18 and wanted to go further with Franchise mode. So I recreated Finnish teams to be used in the Franchise mode. Since the top Finnish leagues don't have 31 teams, this has even a few teams from the third highest league. I also brought back Jokerit from KHL.
-- Cities --
Cities are not accurate for all teams, since only Liiga cities are included in the game. So they were usually chosen by the closest Liiga city for the rest with a couple of creative exceptions.
-- Rosters --
The rosters are not up to date since a huge amount of players would have to be created.. But I did include most of the finnish NHL/AHL players to their earlier teams. Other than Liiga teams were filled mostly with Liiga leftovers and players from other European series and, but so that the overall would somewhat reflect their talent comparing to the Liiga teams. This of course then required replacing AHL players also with lower tier European players and caused some issues with the salary cap on.. but overall I'm pretty happy on how this ended up. It's going to be interesting to see how the bottom tier teams catch up after drafting a couple Franchise level players! I'm going to start playing this tomorrow.
-- Following leagues are involved -- (only Kiekko-Espoo, D-Kiekko and Porvoo Hunters)
-- Division alignment (with the real cities) --
Pacific (Rannikon) division
TPS (Turku)
TuTo (Turku)
HPK (Hämeenlinna)
Sport (Vaasa)
Ässät (Pori)
Lukko (Rauma)
Kärpät (Oulu)
Hermes (Kokkola)
Central (Keskinen) division
JYP (Jyväskylä)
KeuPa (Keuruu)
KalPa (Kuopio)
D-Kiekko (Jyväskylä)
Tappara (Tampere)
Ilves (Tampere)
KooVee (Tampere)
Metropolitan (Uudenmaan) division
Jokerit (Helsinki)
HIFK (Helsinki)
Kiekko-Espoo (Espoo)
Kiekko-Vantaa (Vantaa)
Pelicans (Lahti)
Peliitat (Heinola)
KooKoo (Kouvola)
Hunters (Porvoo)
Atlantic (Itä-Suomen) division
Jukurit (Mikkeli)
SaiPa (Lappeenranta)
SaPKo (Savonlinna)
Jokipojat (Joensuu)
Ketterä (Imatra)
Hokki (Kajaani)
IPK, Iisalmen Peli-Karhut (Iisalmi)
RoKi (Rovaniemi)
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2018.10.08 19:48 TheHomie123 Henri Jokiharju: The Second Best Defensemen from the 2017 NHL Draft?

Henri Jokiharju Player Profile:

Chicago Blackhawks / NHL - 18/19

Player Facts

Date of Birth: Jun 17, 1999 Position: D
Age: 19 Height: 6'0" / 183 cm
Place of Birth: Oulu, FIN Weight: 181 lbs / 82 kg
Nation: Finland Shoots: R
Youth Team: Koovee Contract: 20/21

Cap Hit: $925,000
NHL Rights: Chicago Blackhawks / Signed
Drafted: 2017 round 1 #29 overall by Chicago Blackhawks
Highlights: 2013-2014 Jr. C SM-sarja II All-Star Team U16 Huippu-Pohjola Camp Roster (Jokerit) 2014-2015 Jr. B SM-sarja Best Defenseman (Pekka Marjamäki Award)) Jr. B SM-sarja First All-Star Team 2015-2016 Jr. A SM-liiga Rookie of the Month (February) Jr. A SM-liiga Second All-Star Team U18 WJC Gold Medal 2017-2018 WHL (West) Second All-Star Team+Second+All-Star+Team)
Scouting Report:
"His ability to carve in and out through traffic, especially in the neutral zone is very good," 2017
Draft Rankings:
2017 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #29 by ISS Hockey
2017 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #35 by Future Considerations
2017 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #29 by
2017 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #31 by McKeen's Hockey
2017 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #34 by TSN/McKenzie
2017 NHL Entry Draft: Ranked #19 by NHL Central Scouting

All Defensemen drafted in the 2017 NHL Draft:

* Heiskanen, Valimaki and Hokijarju are the only defensmen that are playing in the NHL

Could he be the Second Best Defensemen from this draft?

It's obviously still early to say, but Jokiharju appears to be a late round steal and I think a lot of teams will regret not drafting him. Miro Heiskanen right now is the only defensemen that I can definitely say is better then him in terms of overall play, but has anybody else proven otherwise? Cale Makar was drafted 25 spots higher and is currently in University right now to develop his game, so it's unknown how he will be in a year as an extra year of development can really change, but for now, they're closer then they were thought of when they were originally drafted. Then, in terms of Foote, Brannstrom, Valimaki, Liljegren, Vaakanainen and Joseph, Jokiharju was drafted after all of these guys and is already playing in the NHL. Now, the reason he has gotten his opportunity so early is because the Chicago blueline has marginal depth and he had passed a few guys on the depth chart such as Connor Murphy and Jan Rutta.

What makes him so good?

Henri Jokiharju has 5 assists in his first 3 games with 3 of them coming in yesterdays 7-6 OTL to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Its not just his offensive game, as u/17SecondsLater said, It’s his calm demeanour, the amount of poise he shows and how defensively sound he is. Being paired with Keith must really be ramping up the learning curve for him. Here are some of his underlying numbers and his advanced statistics throughout these 3 games so far.

An Overview of Jokiharju's Plays so far: Good and Bad

Ottawa scores first goal of season off a Jokiharju Turnover:
#28 Henri Jokiharju loses control of puck trying to transfer the puck to his backhand
Jokiharju showed his calm demeanour on this play as he tries to make a quick play to his backhand, but the Sens are able to cause a turnover and get a quick shot from the point. Here are a few screenshots that highlight the affect that Jokiharju had on this play.
#29 Andreas Martinsen loses the footrace along the boards to Thomas Chabot and Jokiharju realizes that he needs to step up on the play fast if he doesn't want Chabot to be able to skate down-low and have all the time in the world to throw it in front of the net with the 2 Sens in front of Cam Ward.
Jokiharju steps up to the play as we thought he would and the puck comes right to him. At this moment, it appears he would have enough time to transfer the puck to his backhand and pass it slightly up the board so #16 Markus Kruger can battle for puck possession with Zach Smith and cause a low percentage scoring play.
Jokiharju trys to swat the puck up the boards to attempt to get it in the direction to Kruger so it doesn't go straight to #36 Colin White, but he doesn't have great body positioning as he loses his balance. He try's to swat the puck with one hand, but he loses it and White is able to get it back to Smith who shoots the puck on net with Stone deflecting it.

Overall, Jokiharju didn't get much help from his teammates as Keith throws it over to the opposite boards and Martinsen loses the footrace to Chabot, causing Jokiharju to make a rushed decision that led to the turnover.

Jokiharju's quick pass causes a 2 on 1 and 2 scoring opportunities for the Hawks:
#28 Jokiharju makes the quick pass up the middle to Schmaltz
Jokiharju makes a quick pass as he spots Nick Schmaltz is wide open in the centre of the ice and he makes a crisp pass that allows Schmaltz to create 2 on 1. Little plays like that often go unnoticed as there routine setups, but as a defensemen, to step in quickly and make a quick pass to change the momentum of the game can mean anything.

Jokiharju can't handle the bouncing puck and loses a foot race to Dzingel:
Jokiharju had a lot to learn after his first NHL game and he got a great taste as to how fast NHL skaters are. Jonathan Teows takes a shot that is blocked and Duchene banks it off the right board and it causes the puck to bounce. Jokijarju thought he had more time to retrieve the puck, but Dzingel sneakily skated behind him and then stick lifted Joki's stick just as he thought he could maintain the puck, then Dzingel carries on the momentum he created and goes backhand on Cam Ward. Ward bales out the rookie on this play. Lets break down this play to show what Jokiharju could of done here.
Duchene banks the puck off the board and it causes it to bounce into the neutral zone. Jokiharju is trying to to wait it out for a second until he feels the puck wont elevate above his stick, but he waited just a split second too long as Dzingel notices its the rookie defensemen and knows he has a chance to create a scoring opportunity.
Jokiharju notices the puck has gone too far and that Dzingel has streaked in behind him so he basically only has one option at this point, put your body in front of the little guy and hope he loses his balance. He also adjusts his stick positioning so that if Dzingel gets by him, there is a higher chance he can poke the puck off him and try to regain possession of the puck.
Dzingel skates past Jokiharju and avoids his stick as he swatted it, which could of caused a penalty if it got stuck in his legs and tripped Dzingel. Dzingel has a great scoring opportunity and is stopped by Cam Ward. Good opportunity for Jokiharju to learn, look at the first picture of this play, Joki could of just banked the puck off the side of the boards in that first picture, but because the puck was rolling, he didn't feel comfortable changing his stick positioning to try and elevate it to have a better chance of possessing it. Once Joki feels comfortable, we shouldn't see plays like this too often and Joki will feel more comfortable with the rolling puck.
Last Play of the Post: Jokiharju quickly pivots and feeds Kane to tie the game
Jokiharju really had a game last night and his third assist was key for the Blackhawks forcing this game to overtime. He takes the pass from Schmaltz and pivots so quickly using his strong edge work and feathers a great one time pass over to Kane who blasts it home. It was a play that is typical from Leafs defensemen Morgan Reilly as he has really worked on his quick pivoting throughout the last few years and that's why he's playing on one of the best powerplay units in the NHL. If Jokiharju can make plays like this often, he will find himself quarterbacking a powerplay unit.

What do you think of Henri Jokiharju? Is he the second best defensemen from the 2017 NHL Draft? What is his potential?

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2018.09.18 08:34 JenniferKFreemann [Epub] A Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux

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Details of Book
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2018.09.18 05:50 JenniferKFreemann [Kindle] Transcription by Kate Atkinson

[Kindle] Transcription by Kate Atkinson
Download PDF Transcription Kate Atkinson
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Details of Book
Author : Kate Atkinson
Language : English
ISBN : B078W646XC
Number of pages : 352 pages
Editor : Little, Brown and Company
Date of Publication : September 25th 2018

Download Transcription Kate Atkinson PDF and EPUB - EpuBook
Transcription Kate Atkinson Download eBook Pdf Epub, Book eBook English
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A new novel from the bestselling author of Life After Life
During WWII, Juliet Armstrong was conscripted into service as a young woman, transcribing conversations between an MI5 agent and a ring of suspected German sympathizers. Years later, in 1950 post-war London, Julie can't escape the repercussions of her work for the government, and is pulled back into the life of espionage she thought she'd left behind.
Kate Atkinson's latest novel brings mid-century London to life in a gripping tale of deception and consequences.

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2018.08.31 04:32 TheHomie123 Meet the NHL's Leader in Corsi with at least 4 games played: Janne Kuokkanen

Janne Kuokkanen

Charlotte Checkers / AHL - 18/19

Player Facts

Date of Birth: May 25, 1998 Position: C/W
Age: 20 Height: 6'1" / 185 cm
Place of Birth: Oulunsalo, FIN Weight: 187 lbs / 85 kg
Nation: Finland Shoots: L
Youth Team: Kiekko-Laser Contract: 20/21

Cap Hit: $811,666
NHL Rights: Carolina Hurricanes / Signed
Highlights: 2012-2013 U16 Huippu-Pohjola Camp Roster (K-Laser) 2013-2014 Jr. C SM-sarja Silver Medal 2014-2015 EYOF Bronze Medal Jr. B SM-sarja Champion 2015-2016 Jr. B SM-sarja Champion U18 WJC Gold Medal

Scouting Report:

"He is a fluid skater who keeps his head up, and is always looking to make a play. Kuokkanen works exceptionally hard to retrieve loose pucks," 2016

Season Statistics:

2017-2018 Charlotte Checkers AHL GP: 60 G: 11 A: 29 P: 40
2017-2018 Finland U20 “A” WJC-20 GP: 5 G: 0 A: 2 P: 2
2017-2018 Finland U20 (all) International-Jr GP: 15 G: 5 A: 6 P: 11
2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes NHL GP: 4 G: 0 A: 0 P: 0

What was his Advanced Stats?

Carolina Fans, is he good?

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2018.08.14 22:58 TheHomie123 Meet The Future: Kaapo Kakko

Kaapo Kakko

TPS / Liiga - 18/19
Player Facts
Date of Birth: Feb 13, 2001
NHL Draft Top Prospect eligible for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft
Position: RW
Age: 17
Highlights: 2014-2015 U16 Pohjola Camp Roster (TPS) 2015-2016 U16 Pohjola Camp Roster (TPS) 2016-2017 Jr. B SM-sarja Rookie of the Year (Heino Pulli Award) ) Jr. C SM-sarja Bronze Medal (TPS) 2017-2018 Jr. A SM-liiga Rookie of the Month (October) Jr. A SM-liiga Rookie of the Year (Yrjö Hakala Award) ) U18 WJC Gold Medal U18 WJC Top 3 Player on Team
Height: 6'1" / 186 cm
Place of Birth: Turku, FIN
Weight: 181 lbs / 82 kg
Nation: Finland
Shoots: L
Youth Team: TPS
Contract: 19/20

Why the Hype?

Kakko has been playing great hockey in Finland since the 2015-2016 season and Craig Button released this scouting report, "Kaapo Kakko is an emerging Finnish sniper on the horizon. His offensive abilities are excellent and his ability to find the back of the net could see him follow the path of great Finnish scorers like Teemu Selanne and Patrik Laine". To be compared to those Finnish greats who were/are perennial 40+ goal scorers is fantastic and that's why he is projected to go 2nd overall behind Jack Hughes, although it has sparked a debate lately wether players such as Cozens and Broberg should be selected higher then him, but Kakko will be a top 5 pick next June. Now, lets review all of his junior seasons that lead up to this point.
2015-2016 TPS U16 “A” Jr. C SM-sarja Q GP: 8 G: 3 A: 7 P: 10
2015-2016 TPS U16 “A” Jr. C SM-sarja GP: 25 G: 14 A: 12 P: 26
Kakko played very well in the Jr. C SM-sarja Q league and that got him promoted to play in the Jr. C SM-sarja league. He showed he has a goal scorers touch while he does have a good two way ability. Now, this was only just the start as this is 3 years before his draft season, but his play did raise the eyebrows of a few scouts, it just wasn't public. Down below, is a video showing Kakko training with TPS and at the 5.50 mark of the video shows an interview with Kakko in Finnish.
Kaapo Kakko training with TPS

The Next Finnish Star:

During the 2016-2017 season, Kakko got promoted from the C league to the B league and played well enough to play a few games in the A league. Kakko played with 2 teams and played in 2 tournaments with Finland and this is the season he really exposed himself to Hockey scouts and to the Hockey community. Here are all of the statistics Kakko put up during this campaign.
2016-2017 TPS U1****8 Jr. B SM-sarja GP: 35 G: 24 A:17 P: 41
2016-2017 TPS U20 Jr. A SM-liiga GP: 7 G: 0 A: 4 P: 4
2016-2017 Finland U16 (all) International-Jr GP: 8 G: 6 A: 2 P: 8
2016-2017 Finland U17 (all) International-Jr GP: 3 G: 0 A: 0 P: 0
Kakko played great at the U16 for Finland as he displayed his goal scoring touch and he had a good learning experience at the U17 as he went pointless, but his play was still good. Below, shows Kakko's play for TPS U20 and we get to see him take a few shots.
Now, we get to see Kakko's play during this past season and he played in so many leagues and even got to play a stint in Liiga with the big boys where he struggled, but showed promise. Down below, shows Kakko's stats from all of the teams and tournaments he played for during the 2017-2018 season.
2017-2018 TPS U18 Jr. B SM-sarja GP: 6 G: 7 A: 4 P: 11
2017-2018 TPS U20 Jr. A SM-liiga GP: 38 G: 25 A: 30 P: 55
2017-2018 TPS Liiga GP: 6 G: 0 A: 1 P: 1
2017-2018 Finland U17 (all) International-Jr GP: 1 G: 0 A: 0 P: 0
2017-2018 Finland U18 WJC-18 GP: 7 G: 4 A: 6 P: 10
2017-2018 Finland U18 (all) International-Jr GP: 13 G: 6 A: 11 P: 17
Kakko played in 3 teams and in 3 different tournaments and this is what we have for him going into next season. In Craig Button's Mock Draft, he had Kakko at #4 and this is his scouting report, "A really well-rounded Finnish winger who can also play the middle of the ice. He was one of the top players at the U-18 tournament earlier this past April as Finland went on to win gold. He can skate and he can think well on the ice. He's got an “unremarkable” quality, yet he's always in the middle of everything making smart plays. He could very well be at the World Junior tournament this December in Vancouver and Victoria". Below, is a scouting report on Kakko from the youtube channel "NHL Draft Central" where he gives his educated opinion on Kappo Kakko with facts and research.
Kaapo Kakko Scouting Report

Where will Kaapo be playing this upcoming season?

Kakao will be splitting time between TPS U20 and TPS and I project he will be a full time Liiga player by the end of the season. He also should be representing Finland at the World Juniors in Vancouver where I project he will be close to leading the tournament in goals, but he may have some competition in a prospect that surprised at the Hlinka Tournament, you'll find out out soon who I'm talking about. Kaako should get to play in the World Championships as well and I believe he will be a Top 3 pick and most likely will be the next name drafted after Jack Hughes, but you never know.

This is Kaapo Kakko! You have met the future. Will he hear his name next year second in Vancouver? Comment below and Ill try and do these throughout the Hockey season so let me know who you want next!

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2016.02.25 03:23 KnightAttack FHM2 Update #6, Version 2.6.46, Now Available!

If you have the Steam Version, it automatically updated. If not, then follow that link to the downloads!
New Features!
  1. Made salary assignments during initial drafts of custom leagues (that have salary caps) more forgiving for younger players, roughly corresponding to the NHL rookie maximum rules.
  2. Two-way contracts should now be assigned to user-selected players in initial drafts.
  3. Scoring summaries in the centre of the game view now have a little extra room to accomodate longer names.
  4. Standings screens in leagues with the 3-2-1-0 points format will now be displayed in the format W-W(O/S)-L-L(O/S).
  5. Playoff/non-playoff dividing line now shown in the KHL.
  6. Contract expiry dates now shown on the staff screen.
  7. AI teams (and assistants) will now tend to use two defencemen on the second power play unit more frequently.
New Additions:
  1. Added real NHL/AHL/CHL league structures and data as an option in custom mode.
  2. Trade deadline email reminder added.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Owners will no longer occasionally hire a second GM in addition to the current one, resulting in various issues for the user's team where the "new" GM made undesired roster moves or blocked/reverted moves/trades initiated by the human GM, and similar issues when the human tries to negotiate with an AI-run team that has multiple GM's.
  2. Scouts should now have their correct "home" regions highlighted, and inconsistencies between these and the scouting regions corrected - if a scout's home has any overlap at all with a scouting target area, he gets his home advantage for all teams in that area.
  3. Scouts without a preferred region will no longer have the Danish Division 1 highlited as a home region.
  4. Facegen uniforms should now always update correctly after player trades/moves.
  5. Modern NHL playoff pairings should now always seed correctly.
  6. Using "Set Initial Rosters by Draft" in historical leagues in years where the WHA is active will no longer result in a crash after setup.
  7. Attempting to view some pre-1917 stats will no longer cause a crash.
  8. Junior teams in custom leagues should no longer generate too many players from Aland.
  9. Human-run NHL teams should no longer get error messages due to roster issues with their ECHL affiliates.
  10. During contract negotiations, players should no longer occasionally say they don't want a particular role, then demand that role in their offer.
  11. Fixed crash caused by KHL all-star game.
  12. Players should not refuse "overseas" offers when already playing on that continent.
  13. AI teams will no longer make trades for players with long-term injuries.
  14. Rare crash in mid-March of 2016 fixed.
  15. Scheduling issue that could prevent VHL playoffs from starting fixed.
  16. Using the "Stop Draft" option no longer results in forfeiting of picks.
  17. Historical WHA goalie stats no longer showing as NHL stats.
  18. Various mismatches with imported stat histories corrected (ongoing process, please let us know when you see these.)
  19. Crash when attempting to view player screen from Suomi-Sarja team history corrected.
  20. If the trade deadline in a league is changed to be pre-December 31, it'll now correctly apply to the first year, rather than perpetually being pushed forward a year so it never activates.
  21. Suomi-Sarja season end awards should now be awarded at the proper time.
  22. Transactions screen will no longer describe some traded picks with the wrong round.
  23. 1980 playoffs will no longer occasionally fail to start in historical leagues.
  24. Scrolling down the season awards list after switching out of the goalie awards view will no longer cause a crash.
  25. Certain contract extensions in online leagues that are signed during the regular season should no longer be repeated at the end of the season.
submitted by KnightAttack to FranchiseHockey [link] [comments]