Colby partner

for those who are non-finalist and are worried about cost of college

2020.10.22 03:40 rad1camel for those who are non-finalist and are worried about cost of college

QB Partners and a lot of other top schools still offer great financial aid, so if you're in a situation where you're struggling to pay bills and are worried on if you will be able to afford application fees and stuff:
There are many colleges that have no application fees and also offer 100% need-based aid (Grinnell, Colby, etc).
Many colleges have the option for a fee waiver. Some schools will waive the application fee if you submit an ACT or an SAT fee waiver, and some schools have separate forms to submit to get an application fee waiver.
All of the QB Partners I believe offer 100% need-based aid as well.
You are a great student and hardworking regardless of if you got finalist or not. QuestBridge is not the only way to get to a good college for free (there are outside scholarships and federal aid opportunities), and it does not determine how good of a person you are. It is also not an indicator of your college app process; there are still many opportunities.
Also going to a top college isn't the end all be all, you will do great things wherever you go whether it be a community college or a state college. There are always options to transfer from those places to somewhere else as well. Please make sure to apply to the state schools or community colleges you're interested in before the scholarship deadlines for those schools. I know state schools have rolling admissions, but there is usually a scholarship priority deadline!
Good luck <3
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2020.10.21 21:27 studioushedgehog [IMPORTANT] Next Steps for Non-Finalists

Congratulations to everyone who pushed to submit an application regardless of the outcome. I want to speak to those of the applicants who did not get the result they desired today. Being a finalist or a non-finalist doesn’t define your worth, your drive, or your ability. Take time today to breathe and to relax and give yourself the break you deserve. When you’re ready, here are some possible next steps.
Now is the time to think about whether you want to stick with your QuestBridge application or not. Keep in mind that you may have to pay an application fee depending on the school, even if you use your QB application. Some reasons to stick with your QB application may include: - You’re confident that your QB application was rejected because of your income. - The QuestBridge application uniquely sheds light on hardships you want colleges to know about when you’re applying.
Because you’re not participating in the Match, you are free to apply anywhere you want now. You can apply Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision anywhere you’d like. You can use a number of different college applications including, but not limited to, the Common Application, Coalition Application, etc.
Equally as important, if you're not a Finalist but your family has financial hardships, apply to fee waivers! You can get fee waivers for the Common App, Coalition, SAT/ACT testing, CSS Profile, etc. These are life savers fro FGLI students who may not be able to afford college apps normally.

QuestBridge Regular Decision

Here is a definitive list of QuestBridge’s college partners and their requirements for non-finalists.
As a Non-Finalist, there are schools who will take your QB application. The list includes: - Amherst College: Amherst QuestBridge RD Supplement - Boston College: Boston College QuestBridge Questionnaire - Bowdoin College: Bowdoin Supplement (Essay updates welcomed) - Carleton College: Carleton College Supplement - Colby College: NO SUPPLEMENT REQUIRED - Colgate University: Colgate Supplement - Colorado College: Colorado College QuestBridge Supplement (link) - Davidson College: Davidson Supplemental Admissions Form - Emory University: NO SUPPLEMENT REQUIRED - Grinnell College: NO SUPPLEMENT REQUIRED - Hamilton College: Hamilton College Supplement - Haverford College: Haverford Supplement - Macalester College: Macalester QuestBridge Supplement (link) - Northwestern University: QuestBridge Supplemental Application - Oberlin College: NO SUPPLEMENT REQUIRED - Pomona College: Pomona College-QB Admissions Program Selection Form - Rice University: Rice Supplement to the QuestBridge Application - Scripps College: Scripps QB Application Form (link) and Scripps Writing - Swarthmore College: Swarthmore-QB Conversion Form (+ Supplement) - Tufts University: Tufts/QuestBridge Applicant Form - University of Notre Dame: Notre Dame QuestBridge Supplement - University of Pennsylvania: Penn Supplement - Vassar College: Vassar College Selection Form (link) and Supplement - Washington & Lee University: W&L QuestBridge Supplement - Washington University, St. Louis: WashU Writing Supplement - Wellesley College: Wellesley Writing Supplement and QB Applicant Intent Form - Wesleyan College: Applicant Intention Form; NO SUPPLEMENT - Williams College: Williams College QuestBridge Admissions Form (link)
Credit to this post for inspiration to make this post.
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2020.10.20 01:03 FFBot Official: [Index] - Mon Evening, 10/19/2020


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Official Reddit FanDuel league
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2020.10.19 23:19 Ainsoph777 Jesuit trained Malcolm Wilson was Nelson Rockefeller's political Kingmaker

Jesuit trained Malcolm Wilson was Nelson Rockefeller's political Kingmaker
" Proud of his Fordham ties and degrees, Mr. Wilson has served the University as one of the first 15-non-Jesuits to be elected to the Board of Trustees in 1969 as well as supporting alumni fund efforts for the school. At Fordham Prep, he is known as the man who took on the chairmanship of the school's building fund campaign that enabled them to move from a century-old building to a modern complex on the Bronx campus. "
An occulted fact is that Malcolm Wilson, who was essentially a lay Jesuit (trained by Jesuits for over 15 years at Fordham prep and Fordham university)--was the political kingmaker of Nelson Rockefeller. This is admitted however by none other than the New York Times. Wilson, the papal crusader would serve as the lieutenant governor of New York while Nelson Rockefeller was governor, later becoming governor of New York himself. This Jesuit tag-team was honored by the Roman Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Francis Spellman at Jesuit Fordham university for crusading to get state tax-payer funds to finance the Roman Catholic schools! Quoting from the Pittsburgh Catholic, February 9th 1961, we read : "Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York, has hailed Gov. Nelson Rockefeller's proposal to the state legislature to provide aid to all students attending church-related and other private colleges and universities in the state. The cardinal lauded the controversial plan before 1,100 persons gathered here for an alumni dinner marking the golden anniversary of his graduation from Fordham University(Jesuit) . Introduced to the group by New York Lieutenant Gov. Malcolm Wilson, also a Fordham alumnus, he prefaced his prepared speech by saying, " I also thank Lieutenant Governor Wilson for siding with Governor Rockefeller to have justice for every college in the State of New York.""
This close relationship between Jesuit trained Malcom Wilson and Nelson Rockefeller is surely why a Roman Catholic priest, Teddy "Father SR-71" Hesburgh became the chairman of the Rockefeller foundation in 1977!
A write up done by New York Magazine ,18 Oct 1971 on Jesuit trained Malcolm Wilson.

Here are over 20 pages of catholic news archives on the lay Jesuit Malcolm Wilson! :

Now quoting from Malcom Wilson's obituary in the New York Times--we see that he coached Nelson Rockefeller into politics.
"In 1958, he threw in his lot with Rockefeller, scion of the nations wealthiest family, who had never run for office. Mr. Wilson became a political tour guide of sorts , driving Mr. Rockefeller about the state to introduce him to local chieftains eager for a fresh candidate. Quietly and just the two of them, they made the rounds in Mr. Wilson's own car in order not to flaunt the novice's immense wealth. Mr. Wilson sold his man, who then insisted that Mr. Wilson be chosen as his running mate.... Aside from his mastery of the state budget, Mr. Wilson had a hand in shaping the Governor's priorities. It was he who persuaded Mr. Rockefeller to press for federal revenue sharing to help states that were in financial straits, an idea Mr. Rockefeller successfully pushed after Mr. Nixon won the White House in 1968. "

Malcolm Wilson also while attending Jesuit Fordham, was a member of the debating team, and he would join the board of trustees at Jesuit Fordham university. Jesuit trained Governor Malcolm Wilson was also regular attendee at the Manresa Jesuit retreat house in New York City.
" For more than a century, rich and poor Catholics alike came to Mount Manresa, a Jesuit retreat center on Staten Island a mile from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. From bricklayers to lawyers, from the poet Joyce Kilmer to Malcolm Wilson, the former New York governor, they stepped out of the workaday world and entered a silent space of prayer and meditation."

Malcolm Wilson was also a member of the board of directors at the Catholic intelligence agency Pro Deo subsidiary The American Council for the International Promotion of Democracy Under God . This is seen in a batch of declassified documents I have found on Pro Deo :

Additional connections from Malcom Wilson to Jesuit Fordham University include being honored by the Jesuit Fordham College Alumni Association on January 27th 1959, speaking at the1974 Commencement ceremony at Jesuit Fordham and Wilson regularly wrote in the Jesuit Fordham law journal.

" Lieut. Gov. Malcolm Wilson and United States District Court Judge Irving Kaufman will be honored by the Fordham College Alumni Association at its 105th annual dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Jan. 27."
Wilson spoke at the 1974 Commencement ceremony at Jesuit Fordham :

Here is a photo of Jesuit trained at Georgetown Galo Plaza, President Of Ecuador(1948-1952) , Secretary General of the OAS (1968-1975) with Nelson Rockefeller :
Pan American Society dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City. President Galo Plaza (right) warmly greets Nelson Rockefeller (left). From the Department of State Album: \"Visit of His Excellency, Galo Plaza, President of Ecuador to the United States of American, June 20 to 29, 1951\"
Here is a quick background on Galo Plaza :
" Galo Plaza seemed perfect for restoring the OAS’s internal stability and improving the organization’s image. Rockefeller circles likened him to an “international troubleshooter.” Loyal to his roots as a major Ecuadorian landowner, lawyer for the United Fruit Company, and former student at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Jesuit), Galo Plaza could be counted on to maintain order within the organization while ensuring OAS support for CIA subversion of leftist-minded governments, not only in Ecuador (where the Velasco and Arosemena governments had both fallen to CIA-backed coups), but throughout Latin America. He had also endorsed the efforts of Nelson’s brother, John 3rd, to introduce birth control among Ecuador’s Indians through the Agency for International Development, a major new policy initiative. In addition, Galo Plaza could ensure the hemisphere wide transfer of rural development programs from Rockefeller's American International Association for Economic and Social Development (AIA) to the OAS. Most important, all this would give Rockefeller, through his influence on Galo Plaza, added weight not only in the OAS, but also in any White House deliberation over using the OAS "- Thy Will Be Done : The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age Of Oil ,Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett, pg. 602

A Papist (Malcolm Wilson)bringing Nelson Rockefeller into the political world shouldn't be too surprising....Author Matthew Josephson brings up how Standard Oil's centralized hierarchy resembled that of the Catholic Church! : "As a member of the board of directors of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, William Rockefeller had long ago struck up a warm friendship with James Stillman, the president of the National City Bank. The latter, stirred at all he learned of the efficiency of the Standard Oil management, and of its hierarchic and centralized government, so much like that of the Roman Catholic Church, modeled his own bank after it. " Matthew Josephson, The Robber Barons : The Great American Capitalists, pg 286 :

It should be remembered too that John D. Rockefeller Sr. was golfing with Catholic Priest Father J.P. Lennon when the double Jesuit trained Chief Justice Edward Douglass White "broke up" Standard Oil, allowing it to become even bigger! :
There was also the Jesuit trained Papal Crusader at Chase Manhattan Bank Francis X. Stankard, took a trip to Communist China with David Rockefeller in 1973 to make a deal with the Bank of China :

No wonder then a that a Roman Catholic priest Theodore Hesburgh was made the chairman of the Rockefeller foundation! Quoting from the New York Times :
" The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the University of Notre Dame, was elected chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation yesterday. He replaces Cyrus R. Vance, who resigned from the foundation board when he was named Secretary of State.At a meeting of the foundation's trustees in New York City yesterday, a replacement was also chosen for another who is to be a member of the Carter Cabinet—W. Michael Blumenthal, who was named Secretary of the Treasury. That choice by the foundation is to be announced later. Father Hesburgh is a member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross. In his 59 years he has held so many offices that he has trouble recalling them. One of the most notable was his service from 1969 to 1972 as chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He has turned down an invitation to join the Carter administration, and he would not indicate the position involved. “God only knows,” Father Hesburgh said, when asked why he had been chosen to head the board—whose senior member he is , having joined in 1961. “It was a completely spontaneous thing—I didn't do anything to promote it.” He is an enthusiastic supporter of current board policy and indicated no desire for change. The chairman works part time and is not paid. The job of running the foundation, with its $840 million in assets, belongs to its president, Dr. John H. Knowles. It is plain enough at the Rockefeller Foundation that there is keen interest, not to say amusement, over the predicament of the Ford Foundation, from which Henry Ford 2nd resigned as a trustee this week. One of his complaints was that it was cultivating a “fortress mentality.” To make sure that the Rockefeller Foundation would never be a fortress, Dr. Knowles long ago gave orders—which he alluded to yesterday—to be open to the public, to encourage wide dissemination of information about the foundation's activities, He even solicited review of his foundation's work by 10 other large foundations. “There is a danger of looking inward and getting precious,” he said. “I firmly believe one page of experience is worth a volume of logic.” He believes in private enterprise no less than in public, and his foundation is attacked for dealing with both. “I can hardly use the word ‘capitalism’ without being accused of being arrogant, corrupt, bestial with respect to human suffering,” Dr. Knowles said. Mr. Ford, upset because he thought the Ford Foundation seemed lukewarm on capitalism, also charged it with turning its Office of the Arts into a financing agency instead of backing Innovation to solve “human problems.” When Dr. Knowles spoke yesterday of the $3 million a year that the Rockefeller Foundation spent on the arts, he jokingly called it “the Henry Ford branch.” "

Father "Teddy" Hesburgh also joined the board at the Rockefeller Chase Manhattan Bank! Quoting the New York Times again, :
" The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the University of Notre Dame and one of the most influential clergymen in the nation, has been elected a director of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Father Hesburgh, a 54‐year‐old educator and chairman of the United States Civil Rights Commission, was elected to the bank's board last Wednesday, but the action was not announced until yesterday. A spokesman for Chase said that Father Hesburgh would also be named to the board of the bank's parent company, the Chase Manhattan Corporation. Frederick R. Kappel the former chairman of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, retired from the boards of the bank and its parent company early this month on reaching.the mandatory age. of 70. But, according to Chase ‘officials, Father Hesburgh could not be considered a “replacement” for Mr. Kappel because there were already three vacancies on the board. The appointment of the Roman Catholic priest to the bank's board makes him one of the relatively few clerics serving as directors of major corporations. The Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan, a Philadelphia black minister and civil rights leader, has been a director of the General Motors Corporation since January, 1971, Father Hesburgh, who is widely known as Father Ted, will receive the regular $5,000 a‐year fee that the’ Chase bank pays to its outside, nonmanagement directors. In addition, he will receive $400 for each monthly meeting he attends. After teaching theology since 1945 at Notre Dame, where he was educated, Father Hesburgh was named executive vice president of the university in 1949 and president three years later."

Theodore Hesburgh was also a director at the Council of Foreign Relations! (1976–85) and a lifetime member

In 1968, when both Malcom Wilson and Nelson Rockefellor were in control of New York, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $75,000 to the Catholic Church for ecumenical purposes. Quoting the annual report : "United States Conference for the World Council of Churches — $75,000 for the Council's expenses in undertaking a series of joint activities with officials of the Roman Catholic Church, which are designed to define and mediate the religious concepts and organizational practices separating these two church bodies. "

Now here are some Jesuit connection to the modern day Rockefeller family. Current 5th generation generation Rockefeller, Steven Rockefeller Jr. is " the chairman and CEO of the Rose Rock Group, a global investment management firm established by members of the Rockefeller family.[1] Rockefeller is the son of Steven Clark Rockefeller and the grandson of former U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. " Steven was educated by Jesuits at Fairfield University! " Rockefeller received a bachelor's degree from Fairfield University (Jesuit) in 1985 and his master's degree in public and private management from the Yale School of Management in 1990.[1] "
Rose Rock Group has recently invested into China... : "(Reuters) – Rose Rock Capital Limited, wholly owned by the Rockefeller family, plans to raise $2 billion in both yuan and U.S. dollar funds to invest in commercial properties in China’s northern city of Tianjin, the official China Securities Journal reported on Wednesday.Rose Rock has set up a venture with Tianjin Finance Investment Co to launch the funds, which aim to raise 5 billion yuan initially, including 2 billion yuan by the end of this year, the newspaper said. Rose Rock, which controls 90 percent of the fund management venture, will be responsible for daily management and operation of the funds, while its Chinese partner will focus on government relationships, the article said. Money raised will be used to build a landmark commercial property project in Tianjin’s financial district, while future investment will expand into other areas including infrastructure, culture and education, the newspaper said. (Reporting by Samuel Shen and Carrie Ho; Editing by Ken Wills)"
Jesuit trained Steven Rockefeller Jr. is Co-Chairman of Chinese Culture & Art International :
Rose Rock Group has also recently invested $ 2.5 billion into Vietnam. : "An investment vehicle backed by the multi-billionaire Rockefeller family has reached a $2.5 billion ($1.8 billion) agreement to construct a residential and holiday resort in Vietnam. Rose Rock Group will partner with fuel company Vung Ro Petroleum to build the project in Vung Ro Bay, in Phu Yen province on the south-central coast of Vietnam. The development will feature more than 760 rooms, 4,300 residential apartments, 100 townhouses and 350 marina berths, as well as shops and restaurants. Rose Rock, wholly owned by the New York-based Rockefeller Financial Group, has previously focused its investments in China but is now seeking opportunities elsewhere."

I have found many Catholic connections to Rockefeller Capital Management aswell.
"Rockefeller Capital Management is a leading independent, privately-owned financial services firm offering global family office, asset management and strategic advisory services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, institutions and corporations. The Firm has offices in New York, Atlanta, Boston, Salt Lake City, Saratoga Springs, Washington, DC, and Wilmington, Delaware. "
For instance John J Brennan, a board member at Rockefeller Capital Management is chairman of the board of trustees at Catholic Notre Dame univeristy! The Teddy Hesburgh connections lives on. :
"John J. Brennan is chairman emeritus and senior advisor of Vanguard. Mr. Brennan joined Vanguard in July 1982. He was elected president in 1989, served as chief executive officer from 1996 to 2008, and served as chairman of the board from 1998 to 2009. He is a director of General Electric Company, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, and American Express Company; chairman of the board of trustees of the University of Notre Dame; a founding trustee of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); chairman of Vanguard Charitable; and a member of the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission. He is past chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Financial Accounting Foundation, and the Investment Company Institute. Mr. Brennan graduated from Dartmouth College and earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Harvard Business School. He has received honorary degrees from Mount Aloysius College, Curry College, and Drexel University."
" John J. Brennan, chairman emeritus and former chief executive officer of the Vanguard Group, was elected Friday (Oct. 16) chairman of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees, effective July 1. "
There is also Mac Broderick, Next Gen Advisory Council at Rockefeller Capital Management :
" Mac Broderick is VP of Midstream Commercial Development, at Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL), a Houston-based energy company. He has worked at Tellurian since its founding, focusing on strategy and business development. Prior to his role at Tellurian, he worked in investment management in Russia and Ukraine. He is a passionate advocate for all-of-the-above energy solutions to climate change. Mac is a director of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a non-profit focused on fostering thoughtful, effective philanthropy. He is also a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and member of the Atlantik-Brücke. He received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service(Jesuit), where he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (Jesuit), the school’s flagship publication. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in global investment management, and an M.A. in energy economics and international relations from the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University. A sixth-generation member of the Rockefeller family, Mac is a graduate of Groton School and a native Detroiter."
Then there is Brian C. Mck. Henderson, a senior adviser at Rockefeller Capital Management--trained at Jesuit Georgetown University.
"Brian C. McK. Henderson is a Senior Adviser for Rockefeller Capital Management. In addition to his new role as a Senior Advisor to Rockefeller, Mr. Henderson is the founding partner of Henderson International Advisors, LLC, which he started in April 2014. Mr. Henderson spent most of his career with Merrill Lynch, where he held a variety of senior roles over 23 years, including as Director of Communications, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets; Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch International; and Executive Assistant to the Chairman and President. He was also on the boards of Prime Merrill SpA (Italy) and Merrill Lynch South Africa. Before joining Merrill, Mr. Henderson spent 14 years with Chase Manhattan Bank, with responsibilities that covered multiple divisions and continents. Mr. Henderson is the non-executive Chairman of Augustea Bunge Maritime Ltd., and an independent director for BMCE Bank of Africa. He is on the advisory board of the Spanish law firm Cremades & Calvo Sotelo. Mr. Henderson also serves on many not-for-profit boards, and was previously on the Ethics and Policy Committee of the DDC for the First Judicial Department, Supreme Court Appellate Division, State of New York. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. (Jesuit) "
Even the Catholic former baseball allstar Derek Jeter has joined in on making millions via tax exempt investments over at Rockefeller Capital Management as a senior advisor!
" Off the field, Jeter has not led an uneventful life—as the celebrity columnists are quick to remind us. But in an age of social media, Jeter has managed to keep his personal life largely private. More important, he told the New York Times that he is Catholic, recently revealed he always prays, and now talks about marrying and starting a family. In retirement, the process of maturity continues. "

Here is some more Rockefeller Jesuit intrigue : " Lane Kirkland, the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Jesuit) graduate who became AFL-CIO's top researcher and executive assistant to its president, George Meany, during the Kennedy-Johnson years. At that time, he was a director and strong supporter of the ClA-funded American Institute for Free Labor Development, which operated mostly in Latin America in cooperation with corporate leaders. When the CIA was exposed using labor and student unions and private foundations, Kirkland served on Johnson's commission to find some means of continuing the CIA's pet projects without their having to bear the CIA stigma. The commission simply recommended substituting overt government and private funding of the same projects that the CIA covertly had backed AFL-CIO's secretary-treasurer at the time of the Rockefeller Commission on CIA Abuses. Kirkland was also a member of Nelson Rockefeller's Commission on Critical Choices " Thy Will Be Done : The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age Of Oil ,Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett, pg 833

submitted by Ainsoph777 to Jesuitworldorder [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 20:05 feirly choosing where to rank: a guide (ish)

since none of us are able to tour, here is a youtube playlist of campus tours for each school:
how many get matched to each school? (this is data from last year, or whenever I could find info)
amherst - 9 people
boston - new to QB this year
bowdoin - 17 people
brown - 30 people
caltech - 6 people
carleton - 8 people
claremont mckenna - 8 people
colby - 38 people
colgate - new this year
colorado college - 10
Columbia - 44
dartmouth - 21
davidson - 12
duke - 35
emory - 29
grinnell - 35
hamilton - 12
haverford - 25
macalester - 10
MIT - 10
northwestern - 63
notre dame - 65
oberlin - 3
pomona - 18
Princeton - 51
rice - 55
scripps - 3
stanford - 29
swarthmore - 16
tufts - 15
uchicago - 85
upenn - 47
usc - 5
uva - 10
Vanderbilt - 25
vassar - 17
washu - 45
washington and lee - 16
Wellesley - 9
Wesleyan - 22
Williams - 17
yale - 87

this link shows the acceptance rates of many (not all) of the QB schools:
hope this helps!
submitted by feirly to QuestBridge [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 04:09 tracileann I've quickly realized how sex-oriented the poly community can be and it's making me a bit salty....

This is definitely going to be venty.
I consider myself a demisexual person with pan/bi-romantic tendencies. With Covid it's hard to date in general and it's nice to spend a bit more time getting to know people before going on any sort of date.
I've found it hard to explain myself in an odd situation.. poly-friendly apps like Feeld and OKCupid leave me with matches that are forward and typically say that they're looking for something casual.. e.i. FWB. 🤮 "No, Jenna, I won't be your unicorn."
Mono-oriented apps have given me luck as far as people making friendly small talk and what not but I typically find a way to bring up my partner early on so that if they didn't read my profile they haven't wasted a bunch of time. I even started talking to someone who said they were open to poly and then they completely ghosted me when I was honest that I wasn't just looking for casual sex but a real relationship.
Then there are the people where I have to carry the entire conversation because they have the personality of a gnat. I WANT to say, "I'm sorry Colby, but wanting someone "to adventure with" is fucking basic." "Stephen, I get that you like to party but what do you think about the socio-political atmosphere of the country? Public education? .. No? The only thing you care about is legal weed..? Uh, okay."
Like, is it so hard to get to know someone before you start fucking?? BOND over our mutual hatred of Trump and/or the patriarchal nature of our country? Can you build a relationship with me befoee you invite me into your bedroom?
I'm not trying to slut shame those that don't need to feel a connection, but I do. So many people don't seem to get that in the poly community.
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2020.09.11 10:12 SJilz Colby vs Woodley non-promotion...

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest fights of the year. A grudge match years in the making, former training partners, politically motivated beef, former best friend of Colby flying to Woodley’s camp to help kill Colby, this fight has everything. Woodley’s last chance to prove he’s still at the top, Colby looking to shut everybody up, it’s a big one.
But why the lack of promotion? The UFC is doing a terrible job of marketing fights lately, it seems that ESPN nut has stopped them from actually needing to sell their product. They also have spent more time talking shit about Woodley than promoting him, even when he was champ, as for Colby, Dana has publicly called him an idiot and refused to pay him PPV money for his title fight that he solely tried to sell.
What gives? Is this a big fight? Has Dana lost his salesmanship? Is it the fighters job to sell the fight even though their purse won’t get larger?
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2020.09.10 08:58 Trygve11 What a Possible Ideal Survivor Universe could look like

Been thinking on a ideal winner post and how’s that’d change the Survivor landscape here’s what I came up with 1. Hatch (There’s an argument for Wigglesworth but I think Hatch was probably the ideal winner and I think a lot of us agree, outside of his negative backlash) 2. Tina (Argument for Colby here but I think Tina was a great winner and starts the trend of the challenge beast losing) 3. Ethan (Argument for Lex here but I think Ethan is way more liked and is a better winner because of social play) 4. Vecepia (Argument for Kathy but Vecepia is from my home town so I mean some bias. But either way I think either would be good winners) 5. Brian (not the greatest person but he’s the Ice Man you can’t deny he’s a great winner) 6. Rob C (Reinvented Survivor strategy and was definitely the best player that season so yeah a great winner) 7. JFP (don’t worry Sandra wins later and he was a great player this season. One of the original villains) 8. Rob M (I mean him and Amber played the same game but she pissed less people off. I think Rob M is more of a different situation than Russel’s where his partner played the same game but wasn’t the strategic mind like Rob was) 9. Chris D (Definitely a deserving winner. Should’ve been back on WaW 10. Tom (Argument for Ian but Tom is iconic in how he dominated in strategy and in challenges definitely a deserving winner) 11. Dani (Argument for Rafe here but I think Dani being the first UTR winning game is definitely unique and deserving) 12. Cirie (Need I explain why? She was a great strategist and was going to go to the end if she beats Danielle in fire as Aras was going to take her and Aras beat Terry in the final challenge) 13. Yul (He’s nicknamed The Godfather... that says it all) 14. Earl (Him and Yau Man were the 2 best this season a well deserved win) 15. Todd (Had a great FTC and played a phenomenal game. There’s an argument for Amanda but I think Todd just having that FTC speech is just great) 16. Parvarti (Because this season has no winners to begin with I think Danielle replaces Cirie and Burton replaces JFP as they already won this season. I don’t think this changes too much here. I’ll still go with Parvarti winning) 17. Kenny (Played arguably the best strategic game this season. I think there’s an argument to be made for Matty, Sugar, and probably Crystal to win but I think Kenny was the best this season) 18. JT (Love Stephen but JT all the way this season) 19. Natalie (Russel yes is a great strategist but you have to admire the social game that she played here. And it was probably better that she won over him to be honest) 20. Jerri (don’t worry Sandra will win but Jerri was a deserving winner here. She wins if she gets to the end and Parvarti has won a season in this universe, Russel is Russel and Sandra is Sandra) 21. Sash (honestly no clue here but we’ll go Sash however a Fabio win isn’t bad either. Sash probably played the best game but S21 is its own mess in it of itself. It’s like Gabon but even less strategy. Brenda is an option but I wanted someone who made it a bit farther) 22. Sandra. (Ok... sense B Rob has won already I say Sandra replaces B Rob here as Russel’s rival as they hated each other in HvV and she wins this season basically employing relatively the same strategy as Rob but she’s more social/nicer than he is allowing her to win without needing to win challenges.) 23. Sophie (Love Coach but you can’t ignore that ending tribal. She was in exactly Todd’s position and she pulled off a great tribal allowing her to win the game. And her performance in WaW showed how she can play the game. She’s a great player and we can’t deny that) 24. Kim (If anyone says anyone else deserved to win they’re wrong straight up) 25. Malcolm (Theres an argument for Denise to win here but I personally think Malcolm may have been a better winner (this also helps fix another issue later) than Denise. But obviously with certain players like a Denise not winning they probably return) 26. Cochran (With that being said I think Denise returns here over a Fransequa or someone like that. I doubt that changes too much for Cochran and Dawn so yeah Cochran still wins) 27. Tyson (Arguments for Hayden and Cierra here but Tyson definitely played the most dominant game here and deserved the win) 28. Tony (No one else deserved the win more than Tony here. A great winner and a well deserved win and honestly the llama noises deserve the win alone) 29. Natalie (A very entertaining and dominant winner. She made a lot of moves that were both big and good for her game like the Alec Jon, and Baylor vote offs. A well deserved win) 30. Carolyn (However an argument for Mike and Rodney are both welcomed as any of the 3 could be the best winner here but to me Carolyn had more social agency than Mike. And I also want to get another girl winner) 31. Jeremy (Need I explain this? A very deserved win and that’s coming from someone who loves Spencer) 32. Aubrey (there’s an argument to be made for Michelle and Cydney as well. I’ll personally go Aubrey but again an argument for all 3) 33. David: (Was a unanimous winner if he made FTC and e had a great story. I like Adam I really do but you can;t deny that David had that win in the bag. 34. Sarah: (By far the best player this season. However a lot of things change with more winners/reputable players so Tony maybe tries harder. As in this universe Aubrey, Sandra, Tony, Malcolm, JT and Cirie are all winners. However Sarah probably still wins. 35. Devon: (Robbed god anyone? I know multiple reports go around on who wins if Ben doesn't make FTC. But I think a lot of us feel that Devon should've won this season 36. Wendall: (I think we just leave this season the same tbh. Yes Dom was more dominant but Wendall was way more social and made the right connections and orchestrated a few key votes) 37. Nick (We love Angelina but she didn't deserve a win, Mike gave up, and I think Nick being a very good social orchestrating the John vote and getting the Goliath alliance to tell him what they were doing was amazing) 38. Victoria (Look... Chris U isn't the best winner even tho I'm fine with the win. Gavin would also not be the best winner which leaves probably Victoria as the best candidate. However with Aubrey and David getting a win I think Adam and Michelle replace them. Personally I think those two stand a better chance at winning than Aubrey and David but We'll stick with the vets not standing a chance) 39. Tommy (Prob just leave it the same here except Dan Spilo breaks his foot again and he can't compete) 40. Tony (Imma just leave this the same but change the cast up but would love to hear your theories on the cast)
40 Casting Notes: Earl said no because he couldn't make it because of his kids, Tommy and Chris (Now Victoria) were both were unable to be in S40 because of timing issues. Natalie W, Vecepia and Todd all did not receive a call for various reasons. Cochran was never going to play again. Brian was never returning. JFP perhaps plays in HvV perhaps not maybe he's a 1 time guy but because he's not in S16 he doesn't piss production off. Hatch also doesn't because there's no Romber to boot both him and Tina off the cast. And JT had some weird stuff happen during GC that I dont think we're sure on but he's out as well. Also rumors say that Tom failed his physical and Chris D was not called.
Men: Tony, Hatch, Tyson, Jeremy, Malcolm, David, Ethan, Yul, Rob M, Rob C, JFP
Woman: Sarah, Cirie, Aubrey, Sandra, Jerri, Dani, Tina, Natalie A, Kim, Sophie, Parvati
More Notes: I decided to do a cast of 22 for WaW as no matter how hard I tried I couldn't narrow it down to 20/I also tried to build a realistic cast in this hypothetical universe. Other notes are that there is more female winners in this universe as well. How do you think this hypothetical S40 plays out. Does it play out the same does it not. Let me know your thoughts.
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2020.08.29 18:04 firstname_shadesof Until I had to name a baby I never realized that I dislike almost all boy names! Help!

I’m having a baby boy in December and I’m stumped on names! I’m suddenly realizing that I dislike a LOT of boy names.
His last name will be Gray, and we currently live in the southern USA. I really like traditional names with one widely accepted pronunciation and spelling. I also like longer names that have short nicknames, where both names are pretty widely accepted/known. Both I and my partner are white, and while my family is of Italian origin, I’m not sure it’s a big enough part of our identity as a new family to justify using an Italian name.
If you want to help out, I’d mostly love to discuss the names we have on our “like” list but I’m also open to more suggestions! Tell me which ones don’t go with Gray, which ones do, which are too trendy, etc.
At the risk of looking totally insane, I’ll include all the names people have suggested that we don’t like in case it helps.
His middle name will be one of a few possible family names, we’ll choose it based on how well it flows with the first name.
We sort of like these: Adam Andrew Cameron Christopher Daniel Elijah Emmett Ethan Evan Everett Isaac Jonathan Jordan Joseph Levi Michael Noel Samuel
Like these but can’t/don’t want to use these: Adam Alexander Anthony Benjamin Bennet Conrad David Derek George Henry Jacob Joel John Julian Lee Leo Matthew Michael Nicholas Owen Thomas Victor
Don’t love: Aaron Abraham Aiden/Brayden/Jaden Alan Anton Arthur Ashton Barrett Bradley Beckham Brendan Caleb Calvin Carter Charles Charlie Clarence Colby/Cole Colin Cooper Curtis Dean Dexter Donovan Douglas Dylan Elliot Emerson Eric Flynn Francis Franklin Fredrick Geoffrey Harry Harrison Hudson Hugo Hunter Hyrum Isaiah Jackson Jason Jeremiah Johnson Jonas Judson Justin Kelvin Landon Liam Lincoln Logan Louis Lucas/Luke Mark Martin Mason Maxwell Max Mitchell Nash Nathan Noah Nolan Oliver Orion Patrick Paul Peter Phillip Richard Robert Ryan Sawyer Scott Seth Sebastian Stephen/Steven Sutton Thaddeus Theodore Timothy Todd Trevor Tyler Vincent Warner Warren Wesley Wesson William Wyatt Zachary
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2020.08.25 21:30 SurvivorVillain In Defense of Russell Hantz

I know on this sub the Idol King gets tons of flack, but I am writing this to prove that Russell is a great player and should have won at least once. In this post, I will mainly explain why he should have won, and some things that could have changed the game for him which were very possible
Samoa- So in Samoa, Russell starts out by burning Jaison's socks and dumping out the water. This was a good move since it created chaos, which is what he uses to play his game. Another thing he did that night was tell his Katrina story which was actually a really underrated social move at the time, you could even hear one of the Foa Foa girls say that she felt bad for Russell. That's a great lie and a great move. In addition, a few days later, he did the unthinkable and found an idol without a clue, the first to do it. The one in Guatemala doesn't count, as the tribe was told of it's existence, which is a clue IMO. Russell was able to use the idol to control the vote up until the Ben viteout when he knew voting Jaison would sink his game, as he would do as Russell said. Another critique of Russell is that he doesnt establish bonds with the other tribe. When Shambo came to Foa Foa, Russell told her about the idol and developed a little Alliance with her, as they both hated Galu. When the tribes merged, he successfully picked of the Galus with several key votes. Yes, the first vote out was Natalie White's move, but that was about her only move in the game. In the second vote, he makes a great read on the Galu tribe and plays his idol, eliminating a threat in Kelly. In the next vote out, he is able to establish a bond with Fincher, a former Galu, and convincing him to vote out Monica. So at this point Russell has two Galu allies, further disproving the notion that he has no social game and cares little about the other tribe. Then, the next vote he blindsides John and he is shocked, but great blindside. He then picks off the Galus till only Brett is left and is forced to vote off his allies since he keeps winning. So in the end, he is left with two goats, Mick who did nothing, and Natalie, who rode Russell's coattails. In the end, the jury picked the wrong winner and Russell lost 5-2.
HvV- In his second of back to back seasons, Russell starts out making alliances with Danielle and Parvati, which he would hold for the rest of the premerge. While the Villains were winning challenges, he had a feud with BOSTON rob over control of the Villains tribe. While the rest of his tribe was doing yoga, he looked for the hidden immunity idol and found it. When his tribe went on reward for chocolate, he used Coach's honor and integrity approach to teh game against him by asking him to join his alliance after he shows him and his ally Jerri the idol. This makes them want to reconsider their status in Rob's alliance, which sets the stone for them betraying Boston Rob in the near future. The Thai Sun voteout is just incredible. First, Russell plants a Russell Seed in Thai Sun's mind and convinced him to vote Parvati. Russell then plays his idol for Parvati, voting Thai Sun out. In the next vote, he eliminates Rob by flipping Jerri, and the next vote she proves her loyalty to the Idol King by voting out her close ally in Coach. Since only men have been voted out, his moves have the effect of making him look like he is on the bottom. So J.T. on the Herows agrees to give him the idol. Russell did an amazing job acting and making J.T. comfortable that Parv would go home. When Courtney goes home instead, he tells J.T that Courtney went home since Parv played an idol, thus alleviating any concerns J.T. may have about Russell's loyalty. When the merge came, he continues his charade with the Heroes and makes all of the heroes except Amanda, Candice and Rupert comfortable. He then votes out J.T. with his own idol in a stroke of brilliance. After the vote, since Sandra could flip to the Heroes, giving them a 5-4 advantage over Russell's Villains, but he foils her plans after convincing Candice that she would be more welcome with the Vollains. So she does and Amanda is sent home for the first time. In addition, this vote proves Parv's ties to Russell are stronger than those she worked with in seasons past, proving his social control over his Alliance. After this vote, he disgards Candice as she is no longer needed, and works with the Heroes AGAIN to vote out Danielle, since she was getting too close to Parv that she is a threat now. So just like Tony in WaW, Russell blindsides someone who is getting to close to his main partner in crime. After this vote, Rupert and Colby are picked off, leaving the 4 villains left. at FTC, Russell doesnt "own up" to his game, since it was a good game and instead Sandra wins from a bitter jury who had no respect for the amazing gameplay of Russell Hantz.
RI- I'll keep this one short. When Russell drew the purple buff he was doomed because he was too big of a threat having played such an amazing game just two seasons earlier. HvV was recent, while Rob's villainous performance in All-Stars was not, leading to him being voted out 3rd. Yes, production did tell him allegedly to vote Stephanie, but he wanted to prove that he had changed, so he stuck with his Alliance and got voted out and handled it with style. "I'll be back, and you better be ready". So on RI, he loses the duel and goes out like a legend, walking off and making one last move, convincing Ralph to show that he has the idol. His loss prompted his tribe to be at a numbers disadvantage and to be picked off one by one post merge. It is entirely possible that he wins this season if he draws the yellow buff, as shown by postgame interviews which show his desire to work with Natalie T, Matt Elrod, Andrea and Ashley, which he likely would have done and most likely succeeded at, considering the tribe was full of sheep who were willing to let Rob win. If this happens, Rob likely goes premerge and Russell leads his Alliance to FTC, leading to his win most likely at FTC
Thanks for reading and Keep Hope Alive!
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2020.08.24 16:08 n8s8p Complete List of Sources that Joseph Smith (Potentially) Used When He Created the Scriptures and the Church’s Original Narratives and Organization.

Here is a list I'm compiling of possible sources that Joseph Smith used. If you have any other sources or any extra info about the sources listed here, please add to this list in the comments! I always hear about different possible sources of inspiration, but I haven’t seen them all in one spot. The more I learn, the more I see how Smith pulled ideas from many places and fused them together into his own story (whether you believe he was an inspired syncretist or not is up to you). u/frogtrombone did a good writeup along these lines here. u/CaptainFear-a-lot mentioned a podcast with Gina Colvin and Sheldon Kent on this topic found here.
Without further ado, and in no particular order:
Adam Clarke:
John Bunyan:
Emmanuel Swedenborg:
Sydney Rigdon:
Oliver Cowdery:
Books that have major similarities:
Other books that are referenced less frequently that share similarities:
Three Days of Darkness:
Power struggles:
Personal/contemporary experiences, convictions, and beliefs:
An active imagination that built stories based off all these experiences and stories he hearead while growing up:
Other visions that people had:
Other life experiences and nearby influences:
A whole host of ideas, as u/Gold__star shared in a post by u/mithryn shared here.
If I am missing anything, please mention it in the comments! So many of you are such good sources of info on all this that I wanted your help in compiling and correcting this list.
I do not claim to be an expert in any of these topics or sources. I’m just trying to build a comprehensive list to go back to and study later. If any of these are false or misrepresented, please tell me!
Edit 1: grammaclarification.
Edit 2: formatting.
Edit 3+: all future edits from input you all share.

Hey, my first ever Reddit Awards! Thanks to both of you know who you are!
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2020.08.24 03:55 nmtts- To the Assembly & People of Lincoln in re; Women's Equality Day

Good evening Assemblypersons and to the people of Lincoln.
This Wednesday, 26 August we celebrate Women's Equality Day in observation and celebration of women's suffrage. In 1920, U.S. Secretary of State Colby signed a proclamation which provided American women the constitutional right to vote following. However, in 1912, our proud province of Kansas, Lincoln was one of the first states of our great Union which permitted women voting in the provincial (then-state elections). Then again, in 1918 after the Great War, our provinces of South Dakota and Michigan followed in suit, and in 1919, Minnesota and finally in 1920, when all states ratified the 19th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.
We all owe our success to the women in our lives, for behind every successful man stands beside him the pillar of his strength— be it his mother, his sister, his wife, his daughters or his partner. I could not have gotten the popular vote with men alone, and neither could our assemblypersons. We zoom into our present day of 2020, one century thereafter and women have come a long way. Championing the forward fight for equality in the workplace and political sphere.
I ask that this 26th August 2020, all men and women of Lincoln to observe this great feat of our democracy. Unfortunately, it is not a federal or state holiday, but irrespective, I ask that you spend time with your mothers, your sisters, wife, daughters or partners on this day. Thank them for all they have done, especially your mother's as they have carried you in their bellies for nine months, feeding you and developing you, and finally bringing you into this world of ours.
I look forward to pushing my proposed bill which intends on making the cough vaccine, formally known as the Tdap vaccine, free and available to all pregnant women in Lincoln, investing $250 million on programs which support women who are victims or at risk of domestic violence and to fight the fight to make MRI and PET scans for breast cancer free and available throughout all our public hospitals.
Thus be it proclaimed by the Governor, and before almighty God, that this 26th August 2020 the State of Lincoln will observe Women's Equality Day. Show the women in your lives some love come this 26th August. God Bless the State of Lincoln and these United States.
Edward B. Nimitz
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2020.08.13 03:21 filbertz Trip Report: KCHBR Loop 1 8/1-8/5

This was the most rewarding backpacking trip I’ve done, and I’d highly recommend it. We were continuously surprised by how easy it was to navigate such dramatic and remote terrain. A close reading of Skurka’s guide and his mapset were enough to avoid navigational errors. No technical skills were required. The only caution I’d offer is to be conservative with your planned daily distances until/unless you’re certain of your group’s off-trail speed capabilities.
The crew
Me: About 6 or so 1-2 night trips this season in addition to day hikes, mostly in the Cascades. Longest hike this year was ~18 miles and 7000 ft of vert, mostly with daypack weight.
Partner 1: NOLS experience, WFR certified, many big wall climbs, ran the high sierra trail in two days a season or two ago.
Partner 2: NOLS experience, some other climbing and backpacking experience.
Sunny, highs from mid 60s to mid 80s depending on elevation. The lowest low reading I saw was ~40deg. Bugs were intermittently present but rarely annoying.
The route
Day 0: Flew into Oakland, did a quick pack with the crew, and drove out to Kings Canyon. We pulled off on Big Meadows Road on national monument land just outside of the national park, which I’d recommend for no-reservation dispersed camping. Sleeping at 7600 feet definitely helped us acclimate, though I also took Diamox since I’m prone to AMS.
Day 1: ~16 miles, +4200ft of vert. Finished final packing at Lodgepole and would later learn that we used the “Extra - please share” bear box to store our extra food (it was all gone when we returned). The trail was easy going if a bit uninteresting until Twin Lakes, which sit in a beautiful granite basin. At this point, Partner 2 was already having issues with the fit of her boots. We stopped to apply tape in hopes that we could ward off blisters, but this would prove a persistent issue for the remainder of the trip. After swimming in the southern lake, we decided to go a bit off trail and hike around the southern end of the lake basin, up to the high point south of the pass. From there, we overlooked the greater Kings basin, Great Western Divide, and Kings/Kaweah Divide, where we’d be traveling for the rest of the trip. I worried about water availability and heat+exposure with such little visible snow, but that wouldn’t prove to be an issue. The temps were cooler at higher elevation, and water surprisingly plentiful. Partner 1 and I did a quick scramble up the west Twin Peak while Partner 2 napped and we continued on our way, stopping at Ranger Lake for another swim.
There were bear boxes marked by a trailside sign at both Comanche and Sugarloaf meadows, each a few hundred feet past the most obvious campsites. Relying on boxes the first night for overflow allowed us to fit the group’s food for the trip into two BV500s. If we had been very careful about keeping density high and counting calories, we may have been able to make it work with one BV500 and one BV450, but two BV500s ended up matching what we packed perfectly. The mosquitoes at Sugarloaf once we stopped for dinner were the worst of the trip: a bit annoying, but still not enough to warrant DEET. For the rest of the hike, the bugs were never much of a nuisance, though they were present in a few spots.
Day 2: ~12 miles, +4900ft of vert. Partner 2 began experiencing some hamstring pain in addition to the boot issues, and we began transferring some weight from Partner 2’s pack to Partner 1 and myself. Around Scaffold Meadows, we took a dip in Roaring River and discussed options for shortening the route by turning onto Colby Pass or Elizabeth trail. Ultimately we decided to stick with the plan, knowing we would eventually return to these trails if we needed to bail early.
From the bridge over the Roaring River, we turned up the Avalanche Pass Trail, eventually stopping to soak in Moraine Creek where the trail runs close before beginning an easy off-trail SE ascent up a gentle ridge. We encountered a long-abandoned shack tucked into the granite and continued to the unnamed lake off Brewer Creek at 9735ft for another swim. With everyone feeling good (enough), we stuck with the updated plan to ascend further to Big Brewer Lake. Camping near the outlet was excellent, and we enjoyed the alpenglow on North Guard and Mt Brewer above.
Day 3: ~9 miles, +3700ft of vert. With uncertainty around Partner 2’s physical condition and the terrain we’d encounter, we planned a 6am wakeup to extend the day and allow us to ascend Brewer Creek before the sun was strong. We also transferred much of the remaining weight from her pack to ours. We crossed the pass at the top of Brewer Creek without trouble, but began to realize how much of a disparity in speed there was between Partner 2 and Partner 1+myself. On slab and mostly even terrain she did fine, but the hamstring and heel issues combined with some hesitance around stringing together dynamic steps meant that crossing Talus took her about 2-3 times longer.
After a swim in South Guard Lake (one of my favorites: steep barren granite peaks contrasted with rainbow orange/green/blue water), we discussed pace and options. I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to complete the full route in time at our current speed, but we had enough food to extend an extra .5-1 day if needed, and/or bail to an on-trail route. At this point we also shifted our goal for the day from Colby Lake to Skurka’s marked camp on Table Creek, one pass closer.
Partner 1 and I were interested in looking across the Great Western Divide, so we marked a meeting spot down Cunningham Creek, gave Partner 2 food and warm layers, and split for Longley Pass. Partner 1 and I traversed a short distance from the creek, put down our packs, and mashed up the initially steep, eventually shallow, gravel slope to Longley. The view in both directions was a treat, but mostly it was a fun change of pace to cardio-max up a slope with no packs. The east slope of Longley Pass was still covered in a large and steep snowfield, with only a small open strip of passable gravel on the north side. It seems like this could be a challenging pass for the KCHBR primary route early in the season or even at the same time in a more normal snow year.
After retrieving our packs and continuing down Cunningham Creek, we found Partner 2 near the marked meeting spot. We continued traversing south and then east up the basin toward Thunder Mountain, trying to stay high, with another brief swim in the highest of the three lakes. Thunder Ridge Pass was more difficult than anticipated—large, steep, talus that was enjoyable for Partner 1 and I, but less so for Partner 2. Skurka describes this pass as tedious, which I imagine accurately describes its descent. From there on, travel was easy. We briefly considered staying high and pushing over Talus Pass, but with Partner 2’s pain levels increasing and the sun setting, we elected to camp on Table Creek at Skurka’s marked site.
Day 4: ~13 miles, +4500ft. At the start of the day, we completely emptied Partner 2’s pack, transferring over all but her water bladder and a few ditties. I was grateful for the extra room in my extension collar, and Partner 1 for opting to bring his otherwise overkill 70L pack that easily fit two sleeping bags, synthetic puffies, etc. Talus Pass proved straightforward, and the following creekside travel was as pleasant as the guide described. Rejoining the trail, we ran into the first hikers we had seen in two days, one of whom carried a full length foam roller that I admired aloud. At this point Partner 2 had at least partially switched to hiking in her camp shoes, hoping that the change would help alleviate some of her achilles pain. The hamstring remained a persistent issue for the remainder of the trip, but did not worsen. We knew there was another bail option ahead before turning off trail. But again, Partner 2 felt good enough, and the stoke was high enough, that we elected to continue with the planned route.
The initially distinct trail at the base of cloud canyon dissolved when we soon passed an established camp with a bear box. After some light bushwhacking for the first time on the trip, the creek travel opened back up after only about 100 yards and we were treated to a whole new view, marvelling at Whaleback and the cascading creek—equally beautiful but markedly different from the previous day’s more jagged peaks and steeper basins.
We reached the tarn and noted the color change in the rock at the south end of Cloud Canyon around 3:45pm, and took some time to plan the rest of the day. Navigation had been straightforward up until this point, but Copper Mine Pass took some time to understand. It was the first pass that wasn’t easily identifiable from a distance, and didn’t have an obvious onsight approach, but a close reading of Skurka’s notes and his known waypoints gave us enough confidence to continue. To our surprise, we hit the old mining trail switchbacks almost immediately and were able to follow them for the entirety of the climb. What had appeared to be the most intimidating section from a distance proved to be one of the easiest and most stunning, as the switchbacks eased the grade, navigated us around obstacles, and gave us the chance to marvel at the view of Cloud Canyon below. Near the top, as the trail steepened and exposure increased, we put our trekking poles away for the first time to free our hands for the remainder of the ascent. Partner 1 and I climbed the extra few feet to Copper Mine Peak and took in the view.
Thinking wishfully and not referencing the map, we continued down to what I initially assumed was Elizabeth pass, only to realize that we were near the old copper mine (worth a look—amazing that such a remote spot was worth mining for copper of all things) instead. Luckily, the golden-hour traverse to the Elizabeth Pass trail proved slabby, beautiful, and laced with a few small streams from melting snow above. We considered a viable camp spot near Elizabeth pass trail, but decided to press on to Lonely Lake pass, knowing that we’d end the day with headlamps but hoping to make the final day more manageable. A second look at the map had helped us decide that sticking to the Pear Creek alternate seemed a more interesting and manageable option than bailing to the High Sierra Trail. Lonely Lake pass was easy to approach but a little intimidating to descend in the dark, with some moderately angled slab and mild exposure near the top. We found a nice gravel pad and a snowmelt trickle in the Talus, where we made camp for the night.
Day 5: ~16 miles, 1600ft of vert. Partner 2’s achilles wasn’t performing from a cold start, so we took our time in the morning. Lonely Lake has a beautiful sandy beach on the eastern shore, so we set up a tarp for shade, chilled, elevated, and massaged her ankle, and eventually got moving by around 10:30am. The travel over Pterodactyl Pass and across the Buck Creek basin was easier than previous segments, if a bit dry, and still slowed by Partner 2’s injuries. There were only a few stagnant pools between Lonely Lake and point 10860, but it still wasn’t a long enough segment for us to worry about thirst. As usual, the route to Table Meadow proved rampy and straightforward despite a steep mapped slope. We stopped for a final swim at the lake SW of Table Meadows and continued down the creek.
Travel along the mostly dry Pear (or is it Marble Fork Kaweah?) creek was remarkably flat, easy, and open. We noted the area for a family-friendly return trip some day, and as we were descending we heard a rustle and saw a bear about 50 feet behind us, on the opposite side of the creekbed. To our surprise, the bear turned in our direction and began to cross the creekbed, but we kept moving and didn’t see it again.
Reaching the established trail and ranger station around 6:00pm, we decided that I would move forward on my own, descending back to Lodgepole to retrieve the car and meet Partner 1 and Partner 2 at Wolverton, saving them 1.8 or so miles of additional hiking. The Watchtower route around sunset offered an amazing final view of the granite domes across Tokopah Valley to the north, and somewhat ironically the most exposed section of the whole trip, with sheer drops off of a wide established trail.
I booked it back to Lodgepole, reaching the car at 8:40pm with another brief bear sighting near Wolverton. After realizing our leftover food had been raided and driving back to the Wolverton parking lot, I posted up with coffee and waited for my partners. One other couple beat them down the trail, who reported having encountered a pair of small mountain lions halfway down—a big day for the local wildlife! Eventually my companions emerged in good spirits despite Partner 1 double packing and Partner 2 having resorted to our emergency vicodin and limping out on a pair of makeshift trekking pole crutches (she’s recovered fully). Relieved, we packed up and headed back to the bay.
The Gear
Lighterpack for the trip.
I’m happy with all my gear decisions for the trip. I was a little chilly with just the fleece and windbreaker in the mornings, but always had my quilt if needed. The forecast was clear, but if we had encountered any unexpected thunderstorms, we would have been fine with two tarps and no rain jackets.
I wore my shorts on days 1-3 and added leggings day 4-5 for sun protection. Pants would have worked too, and would definitely have been the right call if it were buggier.
Feathered Friends Flicker UL20: I had been considering a 30 degree quilt, but I think I’m a cold sleeper because this thing has been just right for late spring/summer. On this trip, I left it open on the warmest nights, attached with shock cord on the middling ones, and zipped up on the coldest.
Topo Terraventure 2: I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable replacement for my worn out Peregrines, but am super happy to have found these things. Spacious toebox, no blisters, and just the right amount of tread. I put a lot of trust in their grip on this trip and wasn’t let down. I run in 0-drop shoes but have had trouble hiking bigger miles in them. The 3mm drop on these things is perfect for me.
Soto Windmaster: Great little stove. The 4-flex is super stable, it boils fast, doesn’t mind a gentle breeze, and simmers easy. Not much else to say.
80" Thinlight: I think I’m going to stick with using this thing instead of my Z seat. It’s slightly worse as a pure sitpad, but you get a lot of versatility for an extra 1.2 ounces
Katadyn Befree 600ml: I had been loving this thing this season, but the flow rate finally dropped at the beginning of the trip. It’s still good, but no longer has the unrestricted flow that made it so delightful at first.
Atom+: This is my second, in a very different configuration than the first. Pretty much the ideal pack for this loadout (large bear can, ~25lb starting weight) The large fits my ~18.5” torso (though this is a weird measurement for me since I’m 6’6”) better than the medium when carrying a bear can. The removable hipbelt conforms to the hips much better than the sewn-in one. The bottom pocket is nice to have but doesn’t work great with one hand. The adjustable side pockets are larger and better than the old sewn-elastic ones. Load lifters make a larger carry more comfortable. The extra length of this one’s extension collar makes it slightly more awkward to pack, but was great to have so I could take on extra weight. I have a slight preference for the open mesh front pocket over the lycra. The liteskin is stiffer than the gridstop—easier to stuff, not as nice to touch. I worry a bit about its durability. I ended up with a pinhole in the extension collar, not sure from where/what.
BD Alpine FLZ: Poles are critical for this kind of trip. These performed fine when they worked, but both poles broke on me in the same way: one of the inner aluminum segments pulled out and got lodged in the opposite outer segment. Fixable, but annoying. I’m considering switching to some cascade mountain tech poles—cheaper, lighter, simpler.
GSI Essential Spoon: The silicone is great for scraping pots clean. Don’t really need the long handle unless you’re eating out of a bag, though.
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2020.08.03 18:38 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in WA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Boeing Senior Software Engineer Mercer Island
Boeing Senior Software Engineer Bonney Lake
United Parcel Service Package Delivery Driver Flexible Schedule Colby
United Parcel Service Warehouse Worker, Warehouse Team Member, Order Picker, Material Handler Colby
United Parcel Service Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Colby
Boeing Senior Software Engineer Tukwila
Doordash Delivery Driver - No Experience Needed Bremerton
Ups Package Delivery Driver Flexible Schedule King County
Ups Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Snohomish County
Regis Corporation Salon Manager Monroe
CareerStaff Unlimited Registered Nurse - RN - Home Health Port Angeles
ERA Living - University House Issaquah Housekeeping Services Director (Free Meals Free Parking) Issaquah
ERA Living - University House Issaquah Sales Director (Free Meals Free Parking) Issaquah
Cogir Maintenance Technician Vancouver
One Staff Medical Travel Ultrasound Technologist Anacortes
One Staff Medical Travel Registered Nurse RN Emergency Room ER Bellingham
One Staff Medical Travel Registered Nurse RN Intensive Care unit ICU Bellingham
Jackson Therapy Partners Occupational Therapist - Travel Contract Aberdeen
XPO Logistics Owner Operator Truck Driver - Local and Regional Runs! Auburn
XPO Logistics Owner Operator Truck Driver - Local and Regional Runs! Bellevue
XPO Logistics Owner Operator Truck Driver - Local and Regional Runs! Bremerton
Centra Healthcare Solutions Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse Brewster
Centra Healthcare Solutions Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse Goldendale
Centra Healthcare Solutions Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Kennewick
Hanes Brands Assistant Store Manager - Full Time North Bend
Hanes Brands Assistant Store Manager - Now Hiring North Bend
Hanes Brands Retail Team Member - Full Time North Bend
Epicodus Student advisor position for socially-minded vocational school Seattle
Bristol Myers Squibb Process Engineer I Seattle
Bristol Myers Squibb Process Engineer III Seattle
GeoEngineers, Inc. Water Resources Engineer Spokane
Advanced Medical Speech Pathologist - SLP Tumwater
Advanced Medical Speech Pathologist - SLP Yakima
John Christner Trucking CDL-A Lease Purchase Truck Driver - $1.00-MILE BASE PAY Bellingham
John Christner Trucking CDL-A Team Lease Purchase Truck Driver - $1.05-MILE BASE PAY Bellingham
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx Operations - Packaging Bonney Lake
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx Packaging - Warehouse Bonney Lake
FedEx Ground PH US Package Handler- Warehouse Bonney Lake
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Grant County
John Christner Trucking CDL-A Lease Purchase Truck Driver - $1.00-MILE BASE PAY Kent
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in wa. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.07.26 19:48 sbhikes Lost and found in SEKI. A 10 day loop.

Firstly, I am aware that this trip report may result in scorn. My friend and I are old-school and don't use a lot of technology other than our phones for taking pictures and navigation assistance. She is not an ultralight hiker. We both were fully self-sufficient and we are both very independent women who spend lots of time alone in the Sierras, unafraid.
A big SEKI loop:
When: 2020/07/14 - 2020/07/24
Distance: I think it was around 130 miles.
Started out hot, had a couple of days with light afternoon thunder showers, ended cold and windy.
Lighterpack: Note that I do change this around trip-by-trip so it's temporarily fairly accurate. I brought a lot of luxuries including Luna sandals, a Litesmith chair, a pennywhistle (not on my lighter pack, but key of F, the second lightest they make).
Useful Pre-Trip Information or Overview:
Getting a permit was confusing and difficult. I tried twice to get permits for High Sierra trail starting at various locations, but failed. I actually did not care that much where I went, just that I went, so I changed to this big loop instead. I would suggest during COVID that you forget trying to get a permit from the Western side of the Sierras and use the more professional and modern Eastern side. After you fill out their online forms and pay, you will have to arrange to receive your permit via email since walking in is no longer possible. They won't email you the permit though, even if you follow the instructions. Call them on the phone and ask them to email the permit.
Photo Album: Also, videos but not all of them are done as of now.
The Report:
We hiked through the Golden Trout Wilderness to the Kern River Trail. Our second night was spent at the hot spring.
On the morning of the third day, the day after camping at Kern hot spring and enjoying hours of soaking and company of all the other people camped there, some of which were from Ventura (near where I live), I lost my hiking partner. I came to a large creek crossing of Whitney Creek on the Kern trail. There was a way to avoid getting your feet wet by hiking up a faint trail, crossing a log and coming down the other side. I instead just walked through the water to the other side. I sat there where I could see everybody arrive at the creek crossing and see them come down from the log crossing trail. I waited for 2 hours and my friend never came. Many people came up from behind and said they had not seen her. I thought perhaps she had found some other way down and was ahead of me, not behind me. I hurried on to Junction Meadow, another place to camp with a junction of the Colby Pass and High Sierra trails.
When I got to Junction Meadow, I asked everybody camped there if they had seen my friend. They had not. I sat at the junction for 1 hour waiting. I kept thinking what if she got ahead of me? I went up to look closely at the trail junction and look for footprints. I saw three fresh arrows drawn in the dirt. I figured this was my friend leaving me a sign. I decided to start up the Colby Pass trail.
I got a short way up the Colby Pass trail and met a couple coming down. I asked if they had seen my friend. They had not, but they said they had only gone a short way so it was possible she was ahead of them. I did not think that was very likely because she's not very fast. But I had waited 3 hours, so maybe she was ahead. I went a little further and promptly got lost myself. The trail was very overgrown and I came to a fallen tree. I tried to figure out a way around the tree and the more I tried to figure it out the further from the trail I got. There's a big difference between knowing where you are (your navigation can tell you that) and knowing how to get where you need to be (your navigation can't always tell you that.)
Eventually I was scrambling over cliffs that were pretty dangerous. I decided I could see the trail below and I should just try to get back to it however I could. I returned to the trail and could see a lone figure below that appeared to be coming up the trail. I thought it was my friend. I hurried down the trail to meet her. But nobody was there. I returned to Junction Meadow and asked everyone there again if they had seen her. They had not. Since I had been lost myself for about an hour, I decided I would leave a note for my friend on the sign at Junction Meadow just in case and hurry up the trail to try to find her.
The Colby Trail was pretty steep. I managed not to get lost this time. There's a great spot called the notch along the way that is worth a day hike from Junction Meadow if you have time. You have to look over the other side to see the stairs when you get there. I hiked well into the evening, hoping I would find my friend at some places on the map that suggested there were lakes. There weren't any lakes. A thunderstorm came up so I camped short of the last place with "lakes". I figured I would get an early start and find my friend there.
In the morning I did not find my friend at Gallat "lakes". They were just a big meadow and not lakes at all. I continued up the trail hoping maybe to find her somewhere.
As I climbed I met a lone woman with a braid coming down Colby Pass. I asked if she had seen my friend. She laughed in my face. No. Apparently Colby Pass is seldom hiked or something. I described my friend and told her to please tell my friend where she saw me if she saw her later. I had come a long way and decided to keep going to the Pass.
I got to Colby Pass and it was so beautiful. It was a really hard climb. There was a beautiful lake on the other side so I continued toward the lake. When I got to the lake I went swimming, washed my hair (not in the lake of course), sat there for a while. As I sat there I saw a lone figure coming down the trail. I thought it was my friend! It turned out to be a guy we had met at the hot spring named Steven. I sat there with Steven for a while. I had brought a tic-tac box with a lure (Super Duper) and some line wrapped around it and he said he would eat a fish if I could catch one. I threw the lure into the water and immediately pulled out a trout on the first try! It was too small so he threw him back. Steven said he was going out Kearsarge pass in 3 days and he would be willing to drop me off in Lone Pine and I could call Tony or hitch a ride up to the parking lot and see if my friend had just gone home. I decided I would do that.
I hiked down to Roaring River by myself because Steven hiked very fast. Roaring River was a junction with a lot of different trails. I met lots of nice people. None of them had seen my friend. I left a note in the register at the ranger station that I was a party of 2 and had lost one person in my party. I met 2 nice guys there with ultralight hiking equipment. They had been PCT hikers in the past. We talked about stuff for a while. They had come up Avalanche Pass and said it was brutal.
The next morning I started up the Avalanche Pass trail. The climb was steep but not bad and the pass was only 10,000ft. I hiked alone. As I got further down the other side, I could see that the trail was going to descend further down than I could ever imagine. Eventually the trail was miles of giant granite stairs clinging to a cliff. I was afraid to look to my left at the drop-off. In one spot the stairs had fallen partially over the side and it was a little scary. When I got to the bottom of the descent I was at 5600ft and it was very hot.
I started up the Bubbs Creek trail in the heat. It occurred to me I did not have a pen or pencil to write notes with. There had been a fire and there were lots of burned trees. I grabbed a piece of charcoal to write notes with. I had paper because the permit for the trip came with lots of pages of leave-no-trace information.
Bubbs Creek trail was very steep with lots of stairs, but it followed a creek and the higher I went the nicer it got. Soon I was hiking among ferns and trees and shade. I camped at another place called Junction Meadow where there was the greenest grass I had ever seen. I asked other people camping there if they had seen my friend (no) and described her in case they did see her and asked them to tell her where they saw me. I decided I would tell Steven I didn't want to exit the trail with him and that I would continue my route and look for my friend on the other side of Forester Pass. By now I had decided she probably had been a lot more sensible than me and had decided to stay on the Wallace Creek trail with all the nice people we had met at the hot spring. Maybe she had climbed Mt. Whitney with them, too.
Steven disappeared into the forest somewhere and I couldn't find him to tell him I wouldn't go out Kearsarge Pass with him. So I borrowed a pen from someone (next time I'll make sure I bring a pen or pencil) and wrote a note for him telling him I would continue my original route. In the morning I taped it to the sign at the next trail junction.
On the way to that sign, I met the lady with the braid again! I asked her if she had seen my friend and she had! She said she saw her at the bottom of Colby Pass trail heading up. Now I knew my friend was behind me! My friend's pack was way too heavy and she was slow. I figured I better slow way down and let her catch up. I had hiked 18.5 miles the previous day. In addition to the note for Steven, I took out the charcoal and wrote a note for my friend that just said Nancy --> Diane, pointing in the direction I went.
I went about 2 hours and found a nice campsite and wrote another note for my friend to leave on the trail, pointing down to the campsite. I set up my tent, put out my blindingly orange rain jacket as a flag for good measure. It was about 10AM. I was lounging in my tent when I heard someone outside. It was a ranger. I spoke with her and told her my story of losing my friend. She didn't think the situation called for a search and rescue. I didn't, either. She used her radio to call the other rangers and one of them said they thought they saw my friend around Tyndall creek. Another thought maybe Avalanche Pass. I was grateful for the information and glad I had stopped to wait.
I was napping in my tent when a man called out to me saying he was going to fill the campsite with a dozen campers coming down from Forester Pass. He wanted to make sure that wouldn't bother me too much. I poked my head out and took one look at the guy and said, "You look like Shroomer." He said "Piper?" (my trail name from the PCT) I ran out of my tent and hugged him so hard and started to cry. It was Shroomer. I told him the whole story. The rest of the day was like a party with all these people arriving and Shroomer holding court with everyone. He meets everyone on the trail and after he meets them they become his dearest friends. Everyone went to bed at 8pm and it was quiet.
In the morning I traded food with some of the other hikers, said good-bye to Shroomer and headed up Forester Pass by myself. I had never hiked Forester Pass southbound and had never hiked it without snow. It was really easy. The trail is smooth and gradual. I passed everybody who was hiking that morning, mostly because I didn't stop and rest.
I was a few feet from the top when I heard someone call my name. I looked up and it was my friend! There were a dozen people at the top of the pass. I ran up to my friend and hugged her and cried and said I was so sorry I had lost her. All the people at the top of the pass had either seen my notes left on the north side or had heard her story from the south side. They said they were happy to see the end of the story!
It turned out that my friend had been confused at Whitney Creek on the Kern trail where I had waited for 2 hours. She thought the creek was the Kern because it was so wide. She went up the faint trail and kept going until she was all tangled in brush and lost. She went back down and then returned to the hot spring. Then she found the right way to go and went to Junction Meadow. Then she went up Colby Pass part way to "the notch" and back down to Junction Meadow. Then she went all the way over Colby Pass to Colby Lake, and then back to Junction Meadow because she figured she would never catch up to me. She decided to visit upper Wallace Creek and calculated how long she thought it would take for me to reach Forester Pass. She went up there to wait for me. And there I was!
After that, we continued southbound on the PCT. We had originally considered climbing Mt. Whitney as part of this trip but we were too tired and hungry by now so instead we followed a faint trail up to Crabtree Lakes. We camped at the lower lake and day hiked up to the upper lake. These were really pretty high Sierra lakes. We swam and washed our hair (not in the lake of course) and watched the sun set. There were fighter jets going over all day and late into the night. We were afraid there was a war.
The rest of the trip was about 10 miles per day. We met nice people along the way. At one point I met the two guys I had met at Roaring River, the ones who had been PCT hikers before and had all this ultralight gear. They were glad to learn the end of the story of us being lost and reunited. At one of our camps we met a ranger and told him our stories and told him to tell that other ranger that all was well, nobody was hurt.
My friend's hiking style is slower than mine with more time taken getting up in the morning and more time camping at night. She was sort of grateful for the experience of getting lost and finding her own way. I was sort of grateful for being able to do some big mile solo days.
We spent our last night at Chicken Spring lake which is on the PCT but I have never stayed there. It's close enough to civilization that a lot of bad campers go there. There is trash and toilet paper all over, fishing line and fishing gear in the lake, even though there are no fish. I pulled a lot of that out. There were noodles in the lake from someone washing their dishes in the lake. But we swam and relaxed and it was nice. The lake is surrounded by trees that look just like the ancient Bristlecone pines, but they aren't Bristlecone pines.
Our last day was only about 5 miles back to the car but seemed to take forever.
Gear Notes: The best gear item were the bug chaps that I made. I wore shorts on this trip and the bug chaps kept the mosquitoes from biting my legs very well. They also were comfortable to sleep in to keep my sticky knees from bothering me when I slept on my side. For the next trip with mosquitoes I am going to make some noseeum mitts for my hands because while I walked, the mosquitoes would quite frequently bite through my sun gloves.
I tried compression leg sleeves this trip as well. I wore them mostly to keep my calves from being sunburned. I do think they helped keep my feet from swelling and my feet never felt better than on this trip.
One gear item that should never be forgotten is a pen or pencil. I needed to write several notes. I borrowed pens from other people or I used charcoal from a burned tree.
I am also happy to report that my 2008 original Gossame Gear One is still weather worthy but unfortunately the zipper broke for the second time.
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2020.07.17 17:59 UpAlongBelowNow Statement from Montana sheriff's regarding directives

From Montana Sheriffs
Sheriffs take an oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Montana. We will uphold our oath, protect public safety and respond to our shared constituency through open communication and education as we continue to face the public health risks of COVID-19.
As leaders in your community and the elected officials who represent you and your constitutional rights, we want to ensure we are all doing our part to protect the vulnerable citizens in our state while also keeping Montana open and our private sector business partners thriving.
We all value the rights afforded to us through the constitution and the privileges we have as Montana citizens. In order to keep moving forward, we all have to do our part. Personal responsibility is the only way we can keep our vulnerable citizens safe and our economy open. We will continue to focus our efforts on education and encourage citizens to make public health and safety related decisions based on your own personal circumstances and exposure to and interaction with vulnerable populations. Washing your hands, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings and wearing masks are all ways to take personal responsibility.
The statewide face covering order is a public health directive. The directive is not a mandate for law enforcement to issue citations and arrest violators. As your locally elected Sheriffs, we will educate the public about the Governor’s mask directive. We urge you to take personal responsibility and be respectful of all Montana citizens.
Signed by:
Sheriffs Paul Craft (Beaverhead), John Colby (Blaine), Wynn Meehan (Broadwater), Ed Lester (Butte-Silver Bow), Neil Kittelmann (Carter), Jesse Slaughter (Cascade), Josh McQuillan (Carbon), Vern Burdick (Chouteau), Tony Harbaugh (Custer), Duane Anderson (Daniels), Ross Canen (Dawson), Trent Harbaugh (Fallon), Rick Vaughn (Fergus), Brian Heino (Flathead), Brian Gootkin (Gallatin), Clay Lammers (Garfield), Jamie Ross (Hill), Craig Doolittle (Jefferson), Don Bell (Lake), Leo Dutton (Lewis and Clark), Darren Short (Lincoln), Phil Fortner (Madison), Jon Lopp (Meagher), TJ McDermott (Missoula), Brad Bichler (Park), Gavin Roselles (Powell), Keifer Lewis (Prairie), Steve Holton (Ravalli), John Dynneson (Richland), Allen Fulton (Rosebud), Jason Frederick (Roosevelt), Tom Rummel (Sanders), Heidi Visocan (Sheridan), Charles “Chip” Kem (Stillwater), Keith Van Setten (Teton), Donna Whitt (Toole), Tom Boyer (Valley), Mike Linder (Yellowstone)
submitted by UpAlongBelowNow to MontanaPolitics [link] [comments]

2020.07.10 20:27 1sxekid Prizefighter Preschool: UFC 251: Usman vs Masvidal

Prizefighter Preschool is a preview for UFC events aimed at casual fans interested in learning more about the sport, or hardcore fans looking for even more input and perspective. With the UFC headed to Fight Island, myself and OpenFlameRecon will happily be your tour guides.
Event UFC 251
Location Yas Island, UAE (AKA Fight Island)
Expected Attendance 0
Fight Pass Early Prelims Start Time 6:00pm EST
ESPN Prelims Start Time 8:00pm EST
ESPN+ PPV Main Card Start Time 10:00pm EST
Prelims to Watch:
Welterweight (170lbs): Elizeu “Capoeira” Zaleski Dos Santos vs Muslim “The King of Kung Fu” Salikhov
Estimated Start Time: 9pm EST
Dos Santos vs Salikhov
Curitiba, Brazil From Buynaksk, Dagestan, Russia
22-6 Record 16-2
8-2 UFC Record 3-1
Capoiera Style Kickboxing
W (UD) Last Result W (UD)
Analysis: D: Expect an interesting bout here as elements of rarer martial arts play into what should be a striking heavy matchup. EZDS’ capoeira background manifests itself in flashy spinning kicks when he’s not throwing relentless combinations. Despite the “King of Kung Fu” nickname, Salikhov doesn’t show much Kung Fu in the cage. This is because it’s Kung Fu, and thus entirely ineffective in modern combat sports. However, his kickboxing is extremely crisp, and he is more than willing to throw vicious spinning kicks like his opponent. Salikhov has more potent 1-punch KO power, but he’ll need to overcome flurries from EZDS to show that off. C: While Salikhov is an extremely violent fighter, his style often involves throwing single big strikes at a lower pace than his opponents, in conjunction with absurd kicks that keep opponents at a distance while punishing their bodies. Meanwhile, although EZDS has looked somewhat slower in recent fights against Jingliang and Kunchenko, his volume is somewhat higher, and he has a higher tendency to throw strikes that don’t necessarily have the intention of ending the fight. As a result, it seems more likely that EZDS will be able to win with higher output and chance to do damage.
Picks: D/C: EZDS/DEC
Light Heavyweight (205lbs): (#7) Volkan “No Time” Oezdemir vs Jiri “Denisa” Prochazka
Estimated Start Time: 9:30pm EST
Oezdemir vs Prochazka
Fribourg, Switzerland From Hosteradice, Czechia
17-4 Record 26-3-1
5-3 UFC Record 0-0 (Debut)
Kickboxing Style Kickboxing
W (SD) Last Result W (KO)
Analysis: D/C: Volkan Oezdemir is an interesting case; his UFC debut saw a controversial split decision win. After that, he flatlined his next two opponents early on, making good on his “No Time” nickname. When he challenged for the Light Heavyweight title, Daniel Cormier dominated him, and he followed that loss with two more losses. A big KO win over Ilir Latifi turned that around, and a split decision over rising contender Aleksander Rakic kept that momentum going. But now he faces a debuting Jiri Prochazka, the former champion of Japanese promotion Rizin. Prochazka enters the UFC on a 7 fight KO streak, having never lost his Rizin title, rather vacating in order to switch promotions. This fight has the possibility of ending at any moment due to the explosive power of both competitors. It’s a quintessential matchup of a mid-tier contender seeking to hold their ground against a newcomer with serious hype. Oezdemir’s style has changed over the past year or so, but the fundamental basis of it involves an extremely physical clinch, backed by hard low kicks. While Jiri’s powerful striking led him to a lot of success in Rizin, it may not work out in his UFC debut, against an incredibly durable hitter like Oezdemir. Personally, I think No Time has run out of time with this matchup.
Picks: D: Prochazka/2/KO C: OezdemiDEC
Main Card
Women’s Flyweight (125lbs): (#14-SW) Amanda Ribas vs “12 Gauge” Paige VanZant
Estimated Start Time: 10:10pm (EST)
Ribas vs VanZant
Minas Gerais, Brazil From Reno, Nevada
9-1 Record 8-4
3 UFC Record 5-3
Jiu-Jitsu Style MMA
W (UD) Last Result W (sub)
Analysis: D: To me, this fight is placed far too highly on the card, because both women are “marketable”. Not that these two aren’t good, as they are (especially Ribas), however this bout is just in a place more important than it should be. Usually fighting at Strawweight, Ribas and VanZant are fighting 10 pounds heavier at Flyweight for this bout. This will be VanZant’s first bout since January of 2019, with a surgery for a broken arm and a re-breaking of said arm in-between then and now. While VanZant’s striking is fairly good, Ribas will look to take this fight to the ground and control the grappling. While 12 Gauge Paige has some decent grappling and even a few submission wins, expect Ribas to take this one should it head to the canvas. C: I think a lot of people are underrating PVZ in this fight. Ribas is a violent and exciting prospect and PVZ has been out with injury after injury, sure, but Paige is still a decent grappler with flashy striking. While I, and a lot of others, are expecting that Ribas will be able to put in work on the ground vs. PVZ, it would not shock me to see her get outstruck on the feet.
Picks: D: Ribas/1/Sub C: Ribas/2/SUB
Women’s Strawweight (115lbs): (#2) “Thug” Rose Namajunas vs (#1) Jessica “Bate Estaca” Andrade
Namajunas vs Andrade
Arvada, Colorado From Parana, Brazil
8-4 Record 20-7
6-3 UFC Record 11-5
L (KO) Last Result L (TKO)
Analysis: D: This bout, to me, is the exact opposite of the last bout; a highly skilled matchup between top contenders and former champions. This is a rematch of a world championship bout last year in which Rose Namajunas was dominating until holding on to a kimura too long, allowing Andrade to lift her opponent and send her skull-first into the canvas with a brutal slam KO. Andrade would go on to lose her first title defense to current champ Weili Zhang, setting up this fantastic rematch. The “story” of this fight is that of an attempted comeback for two women coming off of championship losses (Rose has not fought since the last Andrade fight). However, the more interesting aspect of this bout to me is determining how much of a fluke Andrade’s win was last time around. A lot of the MMA community believes that Rose simply lost due to the single mistake of hanging on long enough to get lifted and slammed. I fall in line with that point of view. Barring another crazy circumstance, Rose should be able to strike at a distance and avoid the absurd power of Brazil’s sledgehammer. C: I think a lot of people have the wrong mindset when looking at Namajunas/Andrade 1 and are too salty about Rose losing to fairly assess the fight. Rose had an absolutely incredible first round, consistently countering Andrade every time she stepped in, and even dropping her at one point. Her footwork is extremely light, and she has excellent in-and-out movement to compliment heavy hands and lethal grappling. Andrade, meanwhile, is like a female John Lineker, and a 5’1 Wanderlei Silva. Hooks, hooks, hooks. If Andrade ever threw a straight punch, I’d be concerned about which universe I’m living in. Her height lets her excel at throwing to the body and getting into a clinch, while her unreal strength lets her throw opponents around with minimal effort. However, Andrade seriously struggles with an opponent who can move around her with ease, and an opponent who can comfortably counter her on the way in (demonstrated recently by Zhang and Namajunas). Some people look at the first fight, see the success in the first round, and say Namajunas was winning the entire fight, and the slam was a lucky fluke. Here’s the thing for me: do I see a second slam happening? Not necessarily, but I think the option is there. The bigger thing for me is that Namajunas was beginning to slow down in the second round, and Andrade’s leg kicks were adding up. While she was not winning the round before the slam, she was very liable to pick up the next three or so rounds with consistent heavy leg kicks and pressure. In a five round fight, I’d probably pick Andrade here, but the 3 round bout leads me to think Namajunas can at least somewhat replicate her prior performance.
Picks: D/C: Namajunas/DEC
UFC Bantamweight Championship (135lbs)(vacant):(#3) Petr “No Mercy” Yan vs (#6) Jose Aldo “Junior”
Yan vs Aldo
Yekaterinburg, Russia From Manaus, Brazil
14-1 Record 28-6
6-1 UFC Record 10-5
Muay Thai Style Muay Thai/BJJ
W (KO) Last Result L (DEC)
Analysis: D: WARNING: SALT INCOMING. This is a great fight, but let’s be real, it isn’t the Bantamweight title fight-- that happened at UFC 250 when Sterling beat Sandhagen. For those unaware, UFC Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo retired at UFC 249, vacating his title. With a bout upcoming between the #2 and #4 in the division, the UFC instead decided to make the title fight between the #3 and the #6 a month after that because Jose Aldo is a former champ and a big name. Aldo lost his only fight since dropping down to bantamweight. While it was a razor-thin decision (that many thought he won) against the #1 contender, the official ruling was that he lost. Aljamain Sterling is the real bantamweight champion. With that rant out of the way, this fight should be incredible. Yan is a phenomenal rising contender with heavy hands, and Jose Aldo is one of the greatest of all time. While past his prime, Aldo proved in his last fight that he could still hang with the best in this 135lb division. Yan has extremely impressive power for this division and can turn out his opponent’s lights at any second. But Aldo’ leg kicks could easily chop Yan down before that occurs. While Aldo is all around a better striker, I fear that Yan’s power, and dehydration from the weight cut affecting Aldo’s chin could spell disaster for the King of Rio. C: Aldo used to be one of the biggest featherweights in the UFC, looking like nothing short of a corpse going into weigh-ins. The talk for years was always about Jose moving up in weight, so when he first mentioned changing weight classes, the MMA world was mortified to learn he meant going DOWN in weight, not up. That being said, he didn’t look awful in his fight against Marlon Moraes (in fact, I scored it for him at the time). One of, if not the greatest fighter of all time, Aldo’s style has evolved drastically over the years. From a violent and explosive finisher who would blast leg kicks to a one of the best defensive fighters in MMA, to a boxer with grueling liver shots, Aldo has proven himself both extremely adaptable and durable. In his bout with Moraes, however, things were a bit weird. The first round included a head kick that sent Aldo reeling, and the third round featured a much lower output from Aldo than one would have expected. While he looked great in the second round, that clearly was not a sustainable performance, and as such leaves a lot of room for concern against a beast like Yan. On that note, Petr Yan is an absolute savage. With good boxing, hard kicks, and a nasty clinch, Yan’s game is rounded out by brutal pressure, ceasely backing his opponent into the fence at all costs. Although his guard does leave room for improvement, having seen him hit hard or countered by opponents like Dodson and Rivera, even a hurt Petr Yan will force his opponents backwards. While his performance vs. Rivera was saved by a series of heavy knockdowns at the end of the rounds, I’m not sure how heavily to judge him for it-- after the fact, Yan mentioned having been stung by a jellyfish and experiencing a fever leading up to the fight. In addition, Aldo would be the best fighter that he has faced in his entire UFC career by a wide margin, and there may end up being levels to this shit. A prime Jose Aldo would give a fighter like Yan fits with his defensive footwork and counterpunching capabilities, but the Moraes performance did not give a lot to look forward to. Although it’s possible that Aldo turns back the clock yet again and blasts Yan early in the first round, it seems more plausible to me that by the second round, Yan will be turning up the heat to a late finish against an all-time great. PS: Sterling deserves the next title shot.
Picks: D: Yan/2/KO C: Yan/3/KO
UFC Featherweight Championship (145lbs): © Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski vs (#1) Max “Blessed” Holloway 2
Volkanovski vs Holloway
Shellharbour, NSW, Australia From text
21-1 Record text
8-0 UFC Record text
Kickboxing Style text
W (DEC) Last Result L (DEC)
Analysis: D: Instant rematches tend not to go well for former champions, and I see this bout following that trend. Max Holloway’s entire run to the featherweight title, and every subsequent defense of the title, all had one thing in common; volume striking. Holloway would drown out opponents in relentless flurries across rounds, picking up the pace as his opponents tired out. So when Alexander Volkanovski dethroned Holloway last year by outstriking him, it came as a surprise. With the pandemic admittedly affecting Max’s ability to train with his usual sparring partners, and so little time for changes to be made between this bout and the first, I expect Volkanovski to successfully defend here, as much as that upsets me. C: Outside of going on a rant about how dumb instant rematches tend to be, I’m uncertain of how Max Holloway could improve his odds of winning going into the fight. His normal style consists of dragging his opponents into deep water and drowning them, drastically picking up the pace between the first couple rounds and the final three. With a good jab, the ability to fight from both stances, and a size advantage over his opponents, Max was able to compile an insane 14 fight unbeaten streak (at featherweight). Volkanovski’s career has been similarly impressive, with a streak capped off by wins over Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, and Max Holloway. His early fights involved him grinding his opponents out with extremely physical and violent wrestling, while the latter several fights of his career demonstrated his aptitude for feinting and kickboxing. The first fight between Volkanovski and Holloway involved a few critical tactics by Volkanovski: the constant leg kicks inhibited Max’s normal movement, while his feinting and handfighting stopped Max from being able to effectively jab to set up his combos. For the most part, every time that Holloway stepped in to try and throw combinations, Volkanovski would stifle it by throwing a heavy counter. Max was able to adapt somewhat in the later rounds, but his success was rather muted. It feels to me like Max would have to make a number of notable adjustments to his style in order to win, while Volkanovski has far less work to do (and, in fact, can revert to the grind-heavy style of his early career if necessary). Finally, Max has made comments about not having his coaches with him for sparring or training during the pandemic and while I do not believe him in entirety, I’m more than a bit concerned about what it might imply. Although I’d love to see Blessed pull this one off, I don’t feel comfortable picking him.
Picks: D/C: Volkanovski/DEC
Main Event: UFC Welterweight Championship (170lbs): © “The Nigerian Nightmare” Kamaru Usman vs (#3/BMF) Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal
Usman vs Masvidal
Ft. Lauderdale, FL From Miami, FL
16-1 Record 35-13
11-0 UFC Record 11-6
Wrestling Style Boxing/Kickboxing
W(TKO) Last Result W (Doctor Stoppage)
Analysis: D: The most hyped up fight on this card, and the main event, did not exist as it does now just a few days ago. The original main event for this card was Usman defending his 170lb title against his teammate, Gilbert Burns. Because of this situation, Usman switched gyms temporarily. This switch proved to be a great decision as his original opponent and a few teammates caught COVID19. With Burns (the most deserving contender) out, the UFC decided to pay Jorge Masvidal the big bucks he thought he was worth and have him fight for the belt on short notice. Masvidal has been a consistent figure in the UFC for years, but was never more than a mid-card fighter. A stint on a survivor-like reality show had Masvidal claiming he’d come back “baptizing” people. While Jesus may not be a fan of CTE[a], Street Jesus certainly is, and Masvidal came back to flatline heavy favorite Darren Till in Till’s home country of England. Next, Masvidal was paired with undefeated wrestler Ben Askren. Knowing Askren’s striking to be terrible, Masvidal anticipated that Askren’s first move would be to dive in for a takedown. One flying knee later and Akren’s undefeated record was gone, in its place was Masvidal’s fastest knockout in UFC history record at just 5 seconds. All this talk about baptizing people and being a “bad motherfucker” caught the eye of Nate Diaz, who called for a fight with Masvidal to see if the east coast or west coast gangsters were more, well, gangster. The UFC, seeing a huge money fight, but not wanting to allow a single PPV event without a title belt on the line, instituted the “BMF” belt. While the BMF belt was nothing more than a vanity plate for the winner of a fun fight, Masvidal taking said belt via doctor stoppage was enough to start serious talk of him being a title contender. Cue months of money disputes, and one unfortunate case of COVID later and Masvidal is getting his shot at the real belt. While Masvidal was baptizing fools, Usman was welterweight champion, having dominated Tyron Woodley in shocking fashion to take the belt. The Nigerian Nightmare then took out noted loudmouth tool Colby Covington in his first defense. The two fighters known for their excellent wrestling decided that their hatred of one another was more important, leading to neither man attempting a takedown and both men trying to take each other’s heads off with punches. Usman cathartically broke the jaw of Covington to end the night. One interesting note here is Usman’s switch of gyms. Temporarily working under Trevor Wittman, I think Usman’s striking may greatly improve. If it does, Masvidal might be in serious trouble. While Masvidal has serious KO power and good grappling, he stands to get outwrestled for 5 rounds if he can’t close the show early. Usman’s chin and possible improvements to his striking game lead me to think that Gamebred won’t get such an opportunity. C: Usman is an extremely talented wrestler with endless cardio and a slowly developing striking game. Having shown himself capable of outstriking and outgrappling wrestlers like Covington and Woodley, while dominating strikers like RDA, the champion has put together a skillset and resume that leave some questioning who will be able to take the belt off of him. Between his solid clinch entries and consistent bodywork, Usman has few weaknesses to be exploited. However, some notable deficiencies in his game are present in his comfort standing (while his offensive striking is improving, his defense and capacity for getting out of the way of punches leaves something to be desired). Masvidal, meanwhile, is well suited to take advantage of some of these deficiencies. Having been around for nearly two decades in the fight game, his skill set is extremely well rounded. From showing incredible kick-catching against the likes of Ellenberger and Cerrone, to stuffing takedowns from Bendo and surviving on the mat against Maia (who went on to describe Masvidal as having some of the best defensive BJJ he’d ever faced), Masvidal has brought his game to a new level by demonstrating an urgency to finish fights that was lacking in his previous title runs. Given the extreme short notice nature of the bout, it’s kind of hard to pick against Usman here. Maybe the short notice will benefit Masvidal through a combination of not overtraining/a new stylistic matchup/willingness to take risks, but betting on x-factors like that against a champion as consistent as Kamaru Usman doesn’t make sense to me here. The more likely scenario, to me, is that a combination of Usman’s superior grappling and Masvidal’s short notice preparation will result in a successful defense of the title.
Picks: D/C: Usman/DEC
[a]jesus loves knockouts
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2020.07.08 18:25 ReaverDrop List of Albany, NY businesses that got a PPP loan of >$150k

Data from here:

LoanRange BusinessName
a $5-10 million "EYP, INC."
a $5-10 million "JANITRONICS, INC."
a $5-10 million "ORTHOPEDICSNY,LLP"
b $2-5 million "BBL-CARLTON, LLC"
b $2-5 million DELMAR AUTO PLAZA LTD
b $2-5 million "DENOOYER CHEVROLET, INC."
b $2-5 million "DEPAULA CHEVROLET, INC."
b $2-5 million "GORMAN BROS., INC."
b $2-5 million JAMES H. MALOY INC.
b $2-5 million "KNOWLEDGE BUILDERS, INC."
b $2-5 million LASALLE SCHOOL
b $2-5 million "SRI FIRE SPRINKLER, LLC"
b $2-5 million "STEIN FIBERS, LTD."
c $1-2 million "A.E. ROSEN ELECTRICAL CO., INC."
c $1-2 million "A.O.W. ASSOCIATES, INC."
c $1-2 million "ADVANCED THERAPY, P.T, O.T., S.L.P., PLLC"
c $1-2 million AFP 107 CORP.
c $1-2 million "ALBANY ENT & ALLERGY SERVICES, P.C."
c $1-2 million AM CONTRACTING LLC
c $1-2 million AUDIO VIDEO CORP.
c $1-2 million "BST & CO. CPAS, LLP"
c $1-2 million "C. L. KING & ASSOCIATES, INC."
c $1-2 million "COUCH WHITE, LLP"
c $1-2 million CUC MANAGEMENT INC.
c $1-2 million DEPAULA FORD LLC
c $1-2 million DESTINATION 770 AUTO INC.
c $1-2 million "GOLDSTEIN MOTORS, INC."
c $1-2 million "HINMAN STRAUB, P.C."
c $1-2 million "HOPE HOUSE, INC."
c $1-2 million "MCD METALS, LLC"
c $1-2 million MTX GROUP INC
c $1-2 million "O'CONNELL AND ARONOWITZ, P.C."
c $1-2 million "REJHA GROUP, LLC"
c $1-2 million "TEAL, BECKER & CHIARAMONTE, CPA'S, P.C."
c $1-2 million TULLY RINCKEY P.L.L.C.
"d $350,000-1 million" "144 STATE HOSPITALITY, LLC"
"d $350,000-1 million" "677TABLE, INC."
"d $350,000-1 million" AAA HUDSON VALLEY
"d $350,000-1 million" "ABELE TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO., INC"
"d $350,000-1 million" ACADEMY OF THE HOLY NAMES ALBANY NY
"d $350,000-1 million" "ADIRONDACK CABLING, INC."
"d $350,000-1 million" ADVANTAGE SUZUKI LLC
"d $350,000-1 million" AKTOR CORPORATION
"d $350,000-1 million" ALAN BUICK INC
"d $350,000-1 million" "ALBANY ADVANCED IMAGING, P.L.L.C."
"d $350,000-1 million" ALBANY BRACES
"d $350,000-1 million" "ALBANY ELEVATOR, INC."
"d $350,000-1 million" ALBANY MANAGEMENT INC
"d $350,000-1 million" ALBANY OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY
"d $350,000-1 million" ALVION GROUP
"d $350,000-1 million" "AMERICAN BOILER, TANK & WELDING CO., INC."
"d $350,000-1 million" "ANSWERPHONE SERVICES OF ELMIRA, INC."
"d $350,000-1 million" "B.B.A., INC."
"d $350,000-1 million" "BBL CARLTON CHARLESTON HOUSE, LLC"
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"d $350,000-1 million" BUILDERS KITCHEN INC
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"d $350,000-1 million" C AND D DISTRIBUTORS INC
"d $350,000-1 million" "CAPITOL DISTRICT SUPPLY CO., INC."
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"e $150,000-350,000" "ALBANY ADVENTURE PARK, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" ALBANY DERMATOLOGY
"e $150,000-350,000" "ALBANY HOTEL ASSOCIATES, L.P."
"e $150,000-350,000" ALBANY LODGING GROUP LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" ALBANY MARBLE INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "ALBANY MID-TOWN HOTEL, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "ALBANY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "ALBANY WINGS, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC ACADEMY
"e $150,000-350,000" ALL TYPE PROF DOORS INC
"e $150,000-350,000" ALL-LIFTS INCORPORATED
"e $150,000-350,000" "AMBIENT ENVIRONMENTAL, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "AMERICAN DESIGN & CONTRACTING, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" ANIA HAIR STUDIO INC
"e $150,000-350,000" ARCON ELECTRIC L.L.C.F
"e $150,000-350,000" ASIAN SUPERMARKET GROUP INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" "AURORA,INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "BABY-FRIENDLY USA, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "BAILEY, JOHNSON & PECK, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" BESPOKE SOFTWARE INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" BEST PAVING & SEAL COATING INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "BLAKE REALTY, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" BLESSED SACRAMENT CHURCH
"e $150,000-350,000" BMT 1094 INC
"e $150,000-350,000" BMT 1100 LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "BRANCH VFX, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" BURKE & CASSERLY PC
"e $150,000-350,000" "C & J OF VOORHEESVILLE, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "C&C UNLIMITED, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "CAFE CAPRICCIO, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" CAPITAL DIGITRONICS. INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "CAPITAL REGION RETINA, PLLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "CAPITAL SAFETY SERVICES, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" CARDONAS MARKETS INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "CARPETMASTER OF LATHAM, LTD."
"e $150,000-350,000" "CARROW REAL ESTATE SERVICES, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "CENTER FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "CERTIFIED TRAVEL ASSOCIATES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" CHILDREN'S PLACE AT THE PLAZA
"e $150,000-350,000" CHURCH OF CHRIST THE KING
"e $150,000-350,000" "CIM, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "CITY LINE BAR AND GRILL, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "CKM ELECTRICAL SERVICES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "CLIFTON PARK ASC, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "CLIPCENTRIC, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "CN PROGRESSIVE, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "COLBY INTERNATIONAL, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "COLONIE CARDS AND GIFTS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" CONGREGATION BETH EMETH
"e $150,000-350,000" "COPPS DIPAOLA SILVERMAN, PLLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" DAIGLE CLEANING SYSTEMS INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" DATAFOXTROT LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" DC HOTELS TWO LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "DELANEY CORPORATE SERVICE, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "DELAVE BISTRO, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "DIRECT ADVISORS, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" DITTA LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" DREYER BOYAJIAN LLP
"e $150,000-350,000" "DVG MEDIA, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" EAC ON PEARL INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "EMPIRE WINE & SPIRITS, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "ENVISION ARCHITECTS, D.P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "ESCO, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" FARRELL BROS INC
"e $150,000-350,000" FRANK ADAMS JEWELERS INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "GAETANO GIALANELLA, D.D.S., PLLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" GARY'S GARAGE & TRANSPORT LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "GBD LAKE PLACID HOTEL, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "GERALD WEINBERG, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "GLENN HUGH, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "GSS INFOTECH NY, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" H. DAVIS DEVELOPMENT LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "HANNOUSH JEWELERS, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" HAPPY BELLY HOLDINGS INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" "HCP ARCHITECTS, LLP"
"e $150,000-350,000" HEARING AID MARKETING LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" HERSHBERG & HERSHBERG
"e $150,000-350,000" HERZOG LAW FIRM P.C.
"e $150,000-350,000" HOWARD STREET HOUSE LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" HUDSON VALLEY DRI LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "HUDSON VALLEY FOOD BROKERS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "HUNGER SOLUTIONS NEW YORK, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" ICC MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" "ISLANDER POOLS AND SPAS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "J STRATEGIES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "JACK'S OYSTER HOUSE, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" JAMES D WARREN & SON INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "JD FOREIGN CAR SALES, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "JIMBOS BURRITO BAR ALBANY, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "JOHN R. GUZZO, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "JOHN W REPSHER, PT, PLLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "JOSEPH T. SCHUMER, DDS, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "KITCHEN AND BATH WORLD, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" KNC HOLDINGS INC
"e $150,000-350,000" KOINONIA PRIMARY CARE
"e $150,000-350,000" "KRAUSE'S HOMEMADE CANDY, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "LANDMARK FLOORING CONCEPTS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "LANE PRESS OF ALBANY, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "LAWRENCE KOTLOW, D.D.S., P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "LAWRENCE PERLMUTTER, M.D.P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" LEE AND BURACK OB/GYN P.C.
"e $150,000-350,000" LESLIE PETER GERSTENZANG
"e $150,000-350,000" "LITTLE BAVARIA, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" LJ EARLY COMPANY INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "M. SULLIVAN CONSTRUCTION, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "MAC EQUIPMENT, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "MAGUIRE CARDONA, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "MAIDEN OF ALBANY, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "MAPLEWOOD PATHOLOGY, PC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "MEHIGAN, BELLONE & ASSOCIATES, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "MERIT PAGES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "METROLAND BUSINESS MACHINES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "MICHAEL M. DESANTI, DDS, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "MICHAEL PERROTTI, MD, PC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "MMR ENTERPRISES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" MURPHY TOURS INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" "NBS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "NEW YORK COUNCIL OF NONPROFITS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "NICOLE'S RESTAURANT, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "NOBLEHOUSE TECHNOLOGIES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" NOLAN HELLER KAUFFMAN LLP
"e $150,000-350,000" "NORTHEAST PEST CONTROL, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" NY HAIRCUTS LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" OOMDO LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "OTTO CADILLAC, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH
"e $150,000-350,000" P AND J COMPUTERS INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "PAESANS HOLDING CO., LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "PALLIDUS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" PANHA SOLUTIONS INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" PARISH OF MATER CHRISTI
"e $150,000-350,000" "PATRICIA LYNCH ASSOCIATES, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" PEACHES N CREME GELATERIA LTD
"e $150,000-350,000" "PHELAN PHELAN & DANEK, LLP"
"e $150,000-350,000" PILARINOS HOSPITALITY INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" "PLASTIC SURGERY ASSOCIATES, LLP"
"e $150,000-350,000" PLUGPV LLC-SBA SMALL 7A TERM
"e $150,000-350,000" "PRESTIGE HOSPITALITY GROUP, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "PRINCE PHILIP'S, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "RAFF & ASSOCIATES, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "RAFFERTY ENTERPRISES, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "RAN FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERING, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" RATIONAL EDISCOVERY LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" RATIONAL RETENTION LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "RECOVERY ROOM RESTAURANT, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" RYAN HUNGERSHAFER
"e $150,000-350,000" S I HP ACQUISITION LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" SAINT GREGORY'S SCHOOL
"e $150,000-350,000" "SAND CREEK ANIMAL HOSPITAL, PC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "SATCH SALES, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "SCARANO BOAT BUILDING, INC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "SCHAAP MOVING SYSTEMS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "SCOTIA LINEN SUPPLY, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "SERAJ WIRELESS, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "SERVING YOU RESTAURANTS, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" SHENKER RUSSO & CLARK LLP
"e $150,000-350,000" SLIGO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" SOLUTIONSOFT INC
"e $150,000-350,000" "SOUTH COL ENGINEERING, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" SPITZIE'S MOTORCYCLE INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" "STAFF CIAMPINO & COMPANY, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "SULLIVAN, KEENAN, OLIVER & VIOLANDO, LLP"
"e $150,000-350,000" SUMMIT SENIOR LIVING LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" T HOFFMAN DEVELOPMENT CORP.
"e $150,000-350,000" "T. M. BYXBEE COMPANY CPAS N.Y., P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "TABNER, RYAN AND KENIRY, LLP"
"e $150,000-350,000" "TCP SALES HOLDING, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" TECH EAST CONSTRUCTION INC
"e $150,000-350,000" TEMPLE ISRAEL OF ALBANY
"e $150,000-350,000" "TENDERCARE CHILD CENTER, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "THE ALBANY DAMIEN CENTER, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "THE ALTERNATIVE LIVING GROUP, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" THE ANDERSON GROUP LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" "THE COLWELL LAW GROUP, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" THE WINE & DINE GROUP LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" THE WOODWARD CO
"e $150,000-350,000" "TOWNE, RYAN & PARTNERS, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "TURF COLONIE, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "TURF SUITES ALBANY, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" "TURF WESTERN AVE., INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" TWIN RIVERS COUNCIL INC.
"e $150,000-350,000" UNGERMAN ELECTRIC
"e $150,000-350,000" "WALRATH RECRUITING, INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" WALSH AND HACKER
"e $150,000-350,000" "WATKINS SPRING CO., INC."
"e $150,000-350,000" "WCGS ARCHITECTS, P.C."
"e $150,000-350,000" "WELLINGTON RESTAURANT, LLC"
"e $150,000-350,000" WILCAR INSURANCE AGENCY LLC
"e $150,000-350,000" WILLIAM NEWMAN
"e $150,000-350,000" WOLANIN COMPANIES LTD.
"e $150,000-350,000" "YUSUF M DINCER, MD, PC"
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2020.06.29 21:36 taylojac Comparing Big Brother All Stars contestants to Survivor All Stars contestants

I tried to post this in the Survivor sub, but the mods took it down so I’m posting it here instead. Keep in mind that when I wrote the post it was centered around survivor because it was initially for the survivor sub.
I just finished Survivor All Stars and I thought it would be fun to compare contestants with BBAS contestants and see how other people would compare them. Here is my list:
Amber: Boogie - They both won and were in a powerful two-person alliance with the biggest threat in the game.
Boston Rob: Will - They both were the threat of the season and they helped their partner win the game. They are also both very smart strategically.
Jenna L.: Erika - Both thought that they could win the season by going against a larger threat than them when in reality, they couldn't. Neither really did much in their season except make an alliance with Chilltown/ Rob & Amber, which brought them very far in the game.
Rupert: Kaysar - Both led an alliance in their previous season and played a low-key game (more Rupert than Kaysar). They were also both strong in competitions and fan-favorites.
Tom: Chicken George - Neither did much in the game, except for being the nice old man who no one wanted to leave.
Shii Ann: Nakomis - Both were outcasts in both seasons, but could sometimes win competitions. Both are strategic players, but kind of controversial.
Alicia: Jase - Both were competition beasts and wanted to play more under-the-radar games in All Stars. They were also both blindsided by the dominating pair, which caused their eliminations.
Kathy: Danielle - Both should have won their previous seasons and were masterminds of their seasons. They both made alliances with the dominating pair and were both kicked out because of that pair. They both had a two-person alliance that wasn't powerful (Lex/ James).
Lex: Howie - Blindsided by the dominated pair, which caused them both to have a tantrum. They were both okay in competitions but not great, and they made it pretty far in their first season. They also both had a partner in the game (Kathy/ Janelle) who also lost.
Jerri: Alison - They were both villains in their season and were very unpopular. They were both eliminated early in All Stars.
Ethan: Janelle - Both were well-liked in their first seasons and went very far. They were both huge targets in All Stars, but they both made it pretty far considering this target (although Janelle made it war farther than Ethan). They were both very strong in competitions, but they weren't that strategic.
Colby: ?
Sue: ?
Rob C.: James - They both played smart games in their first seasons but didn't win, and were eliminated far too early in All Stars.
Jenna M.: Diane - Both were fan favorites and the last women standing from their seasons. Neither made it far in All Stars and both need to return to Survivo Big Brother soon!
Rudy: Cowboy - They were both carried by their alliances in their first seasons, and neither got the chance to play All Stars. They're also both republicans lmao.
Tina: Lisa - Both were well-liked and won in their first seasons, but neither got the chance to play All Stars.
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2020.06.26 21:15 theblizzardof96 Chance a violinist, double-major hopeful

Hey guys, first time poster, and would really appreciate if you all could chance me!

Demographics: Male, white, Massachusetts, public high school, high income.
Intended Major(s): Interested in both atmospheric sciences and violin performance. Sociology stuff is cool too.
ACT/SAT/SAT II: SAT I = 1540 (770 both), US History = 700, BIO M = 740.
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.0/4.6, 7th out of ~300
Sophomore Year: AP Bio: 5, APUSH: 4,
Junior Year: AP Lit, AP Physics C, AP Calc BC, WHAP, AP Comps Sci (expecting scores in the range of 3-5)
-1st place school science fair, 2019, recipient of college-funded prize for best local project.
-3rd place in Cremona International Music Festival competition.
-Performance on From The Top, Boston based music show broadcast on NPR.
-Recipient of $20,000 scholarship to New England Conservatory
-Physics department internship at Tufts, program created for me and my science fair partner.
-Member of Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, youngest ever member (ugh I hate saying this, but relevant). Have been first chair.
-Participant in many music festivals.
-outreach in community and abroad through my orchestra.
-Relatively frequent performance opportunities.
-Head of the Trivia Club.
-Participant in some other clubs.
-No sports
Essays/LORs/Other: Probably some solid essays, I think I'll have a great one from my violin teacher as a supplement, who is a Harvard graduate and well-respected performing violinist (10/10), and probably some solid ones from my physics and history teachers (8/10).
Schools: Reaches: Ivy Leagues (Yale double major or Harvard/NEC double major would be the dream), High End Music Conservatories (not applicable), Williams, Amherst, Rice, Stanford
Matches: Tufts, Bowdoin, Colby, BU.
Safeties: Northeastern, UMass Amherst.
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2020.06.26 19:37 thesalamandirk Why Jorge Masvidal getting paid more is Super Necessary - PPV, gate and social media analysis

Although there are a lot of fans out there who agree that all fighters deserve more pay (15% revenue share for UFC fighters compared to 50% in other professional sports leagues is sickening), there are a number of people on this subreddit who believe Masvidal is personally asking for too much and doesn't deserve to be paid like the 'true' stars of the UFC
Here's a little look into why that's wrong
Generating Additional Revenue - Is Masvidal A Drawl?
The most obvious argument for why any UFC fighter deserves more money from the UFC is that they're making the UFC more money and should be paid proportional to that. Although there are arguments that fighters should be paid for winning more than other fighters or winning in exciting fashion, the reality is that neither of these things guarantee the UFC will make more cash featuring you than they would another fighter. Whether this is ethically right or wrong, it's a reality, as proven by the fact that Mighty Mouse's highest selling PPV as a headliner did 205k v Chris Cariaso (and that was a McGregor card), his highest selling PPV as a co-main did 450k (one of the lowest selling Jones PPVs in history), and (criminally) no significant boosts exist in PPV numbers for the cards that Niko Price features on (and no, it's not because Mighty Mouse is a Flyweight - Mighty Mouse's highest headlining gate that didn't feature Jones or McGregor was $1.4 mil, while Cejudo hit $2.1 mil as a headliner of UFC 238 against Marlon Moraes)
The biggest money makers for the UFC are PPV buys and live gate, so we're going to look at both
PPV Buys
While it's really easy for a fighter to formulate logical arguments for why they should bring in higher PPV buys than other fighters (social media numbers is a big one - we'll get to that in a bit), what's more convincing is proven success. Unfortunately Masvidal has only featured as headliner as one PPV (a New York card, no less), HOWEVER what we can use as a measuring stick is the relative success of the man who featured with him and similarly successful PPV cards
Starting with his lone PPV, when Masvidal headlined UFC 244 there were an estimated 925k PPV buys. But that number alone is meaningless - What is useful to know is the fact that this makes UFC 244 the 19th highest selling UFC PPV of all time. Impressive right? What's more impressive is where it lands compared to all the PPVs without the biggest stars in UFC history. If you exclude McGregor, Rousey and Lesnar (all of whom reached 'household name' status), only 4 cards have actually done better PPV numbers:
UFC 92 - 1,050,000 - Rashad Evans v Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir v Big Nog, Rampage v Wanderlei - If I had to guess I'd say it's because Mir had just beaten Lesnar, but honestly that's just speculation (infrequency of UFC events/PPVs probably played a part too - Not that this was a good thing, the UFC would be making less money net assuming every event is profitable)
UFC 114 - 1,050,000 - Rashad Evans v Rampage Jackson - 🤷🏼‍♂️ (both fighters won at UFC 92 tbf)
UFC 158 - 950,000 - GSP v Nick Diaz - There was a huge amount of chaos and bad blood in the lead up to this one
UFC 66 - 929,000 - Liddell v Ortiz II - Chuck was a megastar and Tito had stirred up a lot of drama
UFC 244 - 925,000 - Masvidal v Diaz
That alone is pretty impressive, but I'm aware people will argue two things - 1. It was all Nate Diaz and 2. It was a stacked MSG card, so it was always going to succeed
Was it all Nate Diaz?
Again we're in a tricky spot, since Nate has only had one non-Conor fight card since he fought Conor the first time, and what makes it even trickier is that the PPV numbers for this card haven't actually been released. What we do know is that Nate has been pretty comfortably Conor's second best media partner, with McGregor cards doing the following numbers:
UFC 229 - 2,400,000 - McGregor v Khabib (1 Title Fight)
UFC 202 - 1,600,000 - McGregor v Nate II (0 Title Fights)
UFC 196 - 1,317,000 - McGregor v Nate I (1 Title Fight)
UFC 205 - 1,300,000 - McGregor v Alvarez (3 Title Fights)
UFC 194 - 1,200,000 - McGregor v Aldo (2 Title Fights)
UFC 246 - 1,000,000 - McGregor v Cerrone (0 Title Fights)
UFC 189 - 825,000 - McGregor v Mendes (2 Title Fights)
So it stands to reason that's he's probably a draw in his own right, and this was effectively confirmed when he featured on the UFC 241 card with broke the California UFC gate record, with $3.27 million compared to the previous record of $2.9 million set at UFC 60 when Matt Hughes took on Royce Gracie (620k PPV). Although it may be tempting to attribute the success to the Stipe v Cormier rematch, the first Stipe v Cormier fight at UFC 226 only did 380k PPV buys, and given the biggest rematch in recent UFC history only did 1.2 times better than the original (Nate v Conor), it'd be pretty far fetched to say that Stipe v Cormier II got all the way to an 700k PPV buys on its own (taken by comparing proportion with PPV buys for UFC 60 in the same state - almost twice the numbers Stipe v Cormier I did)
Now that we know Nate is a draw, it gets trickier - with UFC 241 PPV buys not officially released, the only concrete numbers we have to compare his first non-Conor PPV and his Masvidal one (UFC 244) is gate. The issue being that 241 (California) and 244 (New York) are in different states, with very different tax rates and average salaries. So although UFC 244's $6.5 mil gate dwarfs 241's $3.27 mil, it's not necessarily an accurate representation of how much the company would expect to make from an event. What we do know however is that the lowest selling PPVs in recent years were around 100k, and that Stipe v DC I did 380k, so we can safely take 280k off the estimated 700k that UFC 241 did to see how many PPVs Nate generated on his own (420k)
What's significant about UFC 244 is that it didn't have any title fights whatsoever, so taking the 100k base and 420k from Nate off the 925k total gives 405k buys which can be attributed to Masvidal. Yes there were other former title challengers on the card (albeit not super popular ones, with the most PPV buys of all four challengers being the 300k Wonderboy got at UFC 209), the fact that the official UFC 244 event poster only featured Nate and Masvidal means their presence likely had a negligible impact on total PPV purchases. Given 405k is higher than the average non-ConoRonda/Lesnar PPV alone (290k), it's not unfair to say that Masvidal has a significant impact on PPV buys
New York, New York - PPV Buys and Gate Comparisons
While separating Nate Diaz's impact from Masvidal's on UFC 244's 925k PPV buys may be dubious at best based on the gate totals between California's UFC 241 and New York's UFC 244, a fair comparison we can make is that of UFC 244's performance compared to the other UFC MSG events. Below are all of the MSG PPV events: their PPV buys, and their total gate
UFC 205 - 1,300,000 - McGregor v Alvarez, Woodley v Wonderboy, JJ v KK - $17,700,000 (3 Title Fights)
UFC 217 - 825,000 - GSP v Bisping, Garbrandt v Dillashaw, JJ v Thug Rose - $6,200,000 (3 Title Fights)
UFC 230 - 250,000 - Cormier v Black Beast, Weidman v Jacare - $2,800,000 (1 Title Fight)
UFC 244 - 925,000 - Masvidal v Diaz - $6,600,000 (1 Title Fight - Ish, it's the BMF belt)
While the theory is that all New York cards are guaranteed to succeed because there's big money in NYC (and there absolutely is), UFC 230 proved that these cards can still absolutely bomb, albeit bombing at such a high standard that it would have almost broken the Californian gate record at the time
However, what is noteworthy is the fact that Masvidal v Nate Diaz alone managed to sell more PPVs AND more total gate than a card with 3 Title Fights and GSP (who did 950k v Nick Diaz, 920k v BJ Penn and 800k v Jake Shields). In a time where Ronda Rousey has retired, GSP has sailed off into the sunset, Lesnar is back professional wrestling and Jon Jones doesn't have it anymore (ESPN only reports PPV buys over 500k, and didn't report the numbers for UFC 239 or 247), the UFC badly needs anybody that can pull these kinds of numbers. Moreover, with Masvidal the first to soundly beat Nate since he first fought Conor (and at his own game on the feet too), there's a very real possibility that even if Nate was the main draw going into UFC 244, Masvidal has been able to steal (or at the very least share) some of his limelight
Social Media
Although less convincing than the objective proof of PPV buys and total gate, social media followings do at least indicate that there are people paying attention to a given fighter, even if that doesn't necessarily translate to PPV buys in and of itself. Here's how Jorge performs in each major social media platform relative to the top draws in the UFC and in his own division of 170
Athlete Instagram Twitter YouTube Interview Views YouTube Subscribers
McGregor 36.6M 8.1M 16M n/a
Khabib 20.4M 1M 3.2M n/a
Jon Jones 5.2M 2.3M 3.7M n/a
Nate Diaz 4.4M 1.5M 6.4M n/a
Israel Adesanya 2.6M 450k 3.2M n/a
Jorge Masvidal 1.9M 500k 4.6M 540k
Kamaru Usman 1.2M 250k 2M n/a
Colby Covington 400k 151k 1.5M n/a
Gilbert Burns 250k 50k 272k n/a
Leon Scott 70k 35k 354k n/a
Wonderboy 546k 188k 2M 196k
While his numbers aren't elite in any given area, Masvidal is comfortably on top of the board for Welterweights other than Nate Diaz, and isn't far off established star Jon Jones (even if he isn't performing as well now in terms of PPV numbers, there's a point at which he was). As a result it's clear to see that in any given Welterweight title fight Masvidal would easily draw the biggest PPV numbers, albeit probably performing equally as well if he fought most of the names in the division
To conclude, despite arguments from many Redditors that Masvidal doesn't really care about pay and is actually only avoiding Usman because he's scared of Usman's wrestling (which is pretty funny considering he's trained for years with Colby and Yoel), it's clear based on his performance in PPV buys, PPV gate and social media presence that Jorge Masvidal is in fact underpaid because he's just as much of an asset to the UFC as he says he is.
In other words, the pay rise that Masvidal can be accurately described in two words:
Super Necessary
tl;dr Masvidal's 925k PPV buys and $6,600,000 total gate from UFC 244 in addition to his strong social media presence prove he will make the UFC so much more money than any other Welterweight fighting in the same position that he needs to be paid significantly more to step in the Octagon again #EasyMoneyWorldTour
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2020.06.19 21:42 Mellow_Bee13 Can I use shredded Colby Jack on pizza?

Partner and I want to make our own pizzas but don't have enough to buy more cheese along with pepperoni. Wondering if our shredded Colby Jack would be just as good?
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